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Is there a 3rd royal baby on the way?

from A Royal Baby

Twitter: @TickledTiger

Information about royal births past, present and future: a mix of history and news.


Take Hold #oneword365

from Where the Light Gets in

I'm a researcher, mum, wife, writer, wanderer. I spin plates, juggle balls and eat fire. I write about family, faith & food.


from Cordelias Cottage

Twitter: @CordeliaEarle

I am a Mother, Wife, Lover, Sister, Daughter. I belong to the Earth and she belongs to me. I write, I photograph, I remember.


A Brief History of The Caliphate

from Mein Blog

One man's struggle against Feminism, Washing-machine manuals, and bossy editors who don't recognise brilliant sex scenes in his books.

The life of Jack Kelly

December 2015

from The Life of Jack Kelly

This is a diary/journal/whatever of Jack's journey through life from his point of view from the day he was born.


Happy New Ears

from Diplomatic Dog

Life - through the eyes of our dog: Scruffy Nellie.


Happy New Year 2016

from Accidentally Reflective

Reflections on life. Its simplicity, its complexity. Always trying to find a positive out of a negative situation.


2015 in review

from Rosie Speaks About...

About faith and everything and nothing in life that strikes a cord in me at any given time with an aim to 'start a conversation or debate'.

Laura's little things

2015 in review

from Laura's Little Things

Twitter: @shimili

A personal blog about things that I do and I like.


2015 - A Friend Or Foe ?

from A piece of SHE...

I write about love , life, family and myself :)