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Suckered By Naughty But Rice's Package Design Team

from The World of Kitsch

A blog of retro wonders and curiosities


8 Things You Should Know About Depression As A Nigerian Woman

from Femme Lounge

Femme Lounge is the web, for Nigerian women. An aggregation of all stories, opinions, news and advice targeted towards (Nigerian) women

The Brick Castle

TinyMe Personalised Family Calendars Review

from The Brick Castle

Twitter: @TheBrickCastle

Play and entertainment ideas for children and young people.


DIY Personalised North Pole Sacks (It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!)

from Kate's Creatives Space

A blog about all things creative, packed with projects, tutorials and inspiration


London take two: part two

from Jem on parenting, pets and PHP

Twitter: @jemjabella

This blogger once told the world She'd never become a "mommy blogger" ... then she had a baby. Now she talks about boobs and poo and other inane mummy stuff.


Travel Dreams – Day 25 #BEDN

from Soosie Wales

Twitter: @soosieboo

An eclectic mix of opinions, photography, recipes, reviews and travel


Georges Simenon and Inspector Maigret

from Tales from the Reading Room

Twitter: @Litloveblog

Cambridge academic and ex-chronic fatigue sufferer blogs about books, reading and the links between life and literature.

Hijacked ByTwins

Christmas Activities with Lakeland

from Hijacked ByTwins

Twitter: @k_phillipson

SAHM with a 9yo boy & 1yo boy/girl twins. My blog is about my love of baking, cooking & stories about our manic lives raising twins


Bear Reads Carefully

from Sybil Witters on

A blog by the mum of bear, discussing life as a stay at home mum and her quest to get organised now that bear is in school!

Write Like No One's Watching

"You're pregnant and you're doing a really good job."

from Write Like No One's Watching

Twitter: @CharlTaylor

The diary of a working mum and everything in between. Write Like No One's Watching began as an outlet for writing. She covered adventures in the gym, beauty, clothes, life topics, then she found out...