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The Joyride

from Maternal Dementia

Twitter: @MDTaz

Thoughts and commentary about the paradox of motherhood (loving her children but not loving the train wreck they've made of her life), about living and working abroad (an American in Paris), the wild...

D Fairy GodSister

We are H-A-P-P-Y… We know we are…

from D Fairy GodSister

Twitter: @chiomachuka

Everything from poetry, to stories about my work and people I meet, to love, family, behavioural change, sermons that have touched me, and most importantly, humor.


I Hate Slugs

from Let your light shine Mummy

Join me on my blogging journey as I navigate being a wife, and a mummy who knows Jesus.


Needing a rest from the juggle

from Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl

Twitter: @beeckz

A blog about me, my life, my family and everything in between.


13 Circus-Themed Party Food Ideas To Wow the Hungry Guests!

from Posh Tiger

Our blog is all about ways to help mums - from planning parties, getting kids to eat healthily


Trip to Oxford.Picture heavy post

from Dog Daisy Chains

Twitter: @jackie

Mainly about her textile art but life gets into it too.



from Remembering Romy

My life after the death of my daughter Romy in July 2014 aged 4 months. Learning to process my grief, find positivity and honour her memory.


6 Tips For Meal Prep

from Liparazzi

Twitter: @Liparazzi

Laura is a 20-something year old wedding coordinator and event planner from sunny Aberdeen, Scotland. She loves cosmetics and fashion, Art and music. She loves life. Welcome to my (somewhat obsessive...


Tips on Taking Care of Your Newborn

from Improve Baby Sleep

Helping You Find the Best Baby Swing


Malta …….. Quiet & Sleepy or Party Isle?

from Always Be A Friend

Twitter: @baggiesbabe69

A friendly blog about everyday life, travel, family and pets.