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They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat …and drink and dress up our child...

from The Jewish Mother

Twitter: @jewishmotheruk

This blogger talks about funny things going on in London involving the Jewish Community.


Two poems by Richie McCaffery

from And Other Poems

Twitter: @And_OtherPoems

A beautifully presented, uncluttered, contemporary poetry blog featuring the work of over 250 poets. Weekly updates.

The Awesome Hen

#FridayFitness: the Press-up

from The Awesome Hen

Twitter: @ladylibertyhen

An illustrated, light-hearted look at everyday life in a small country village near London.


Hi. I'm Bob. Again.

from The Mumday Times

Twitter: @themumdaytimes

A regularly updated shopping and parenting blog with some laughs thrown in by Style Director of heat magazine Ellie Crompton

Dexterous Diva

Episode #18: Interview with Fab Giovanetti

from Dexterous Diva

Twitter: @dexdiva

This blogger's writing about lifestyle, design, fashion, beauty, twin parenting, chronic illness and endometriosis.


Kiddy Update!

from My Life as Mumma Walker

Twitter: @charliebeth

This Mum to 3 boys is trying for another baby. Money's on another boy! It's a crazy, messy, fun loving, reviewing, Mummy Blog

Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

My Strawberry Girl As A Tattoo

from Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

Twitter: @daddy_camo

A new fresh daddy diary with all the ins outs, ups and downs of my journey into fatherhood - postings news and reviews and all the inbetween


How to remain relevant and employable – the book

from Parent Brain

Twitter: @adapt_iterate

A modern dad looks at Britain, society, parenting and family.

Jojo Moyes

NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: After You, the sequel to Me Before You, coming this...

from Jojo Moyes

Blog from the author of Sheltering Rain, Foreign Fruit, The Last Letter From Your Lover and Me Before You.


Keep Breathing

from being humanish

Twitter: @beinghumanish

infant loss