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Mental Health and Wellbeing



Be Thankful

from Counselling101

A website that shares information on a variety of psychological and counselling information, from parenting to depression to positivity.

A hangover free life

Industry adopt tactics of ‘Dr Evil' in battle against tougher regulation

from A hangover free life

Twitter: @hangovrfreelife

Blog of a mid 40's mum who has woken up to the sobering reality that booze is the problem not the solution


Furore: Vine versus Monroe

from London Souffle

Twitter: @londonsouffle

What life taught me: The long and short of it. Nature photos, philosophical musings, links to my weekly column on The Huffington Post.

Clare Flourish

The Imitation Game

from Clare Flourish

LGBT, spirituality, personal growth and encounters with other odd human beings.

Lotte Lane

Kim Kardashian's Arse Gave Me Writer's Block

from Lotte Lane

Twitter: @mslottelane

"Your posts make me want to cry, and drink wine, and sing incessantly"

green swede

My Green Dinner

from Green Swede

Twitter: @agreenswede

Health concious London mum sharing recipes, green inspiration and encouragment on how to lead a happier, healthier life.

creating focus

Building your support team

from Creating Focus

Twitter: @creatingfocus

A wry - and encouraging - exploration of everyday mental well-being from psychologist and author, Sarah Dale

Confessions Of An Overthinker

Lessons From A Bottle Feeding Mum – How To Have Peace Of Mind When Life Doesn't...

from Confessions Of An Overthinker

A mum of 2 sharing how my understanding of the 3 principles helps me not take my thinking so seriously in the hope this will help others.

Five Degrees Of Chaos


from Five Degrees Of Chaos

Twitter: @5degreesofchaos

Parenting on the edge of sanity, it could go either way...


Instant Mood Lifters

from Glowology

Twitter: @ukglowology

Glowology: feel good beauty and wellbeing for us fab over 40s trying to look and feel the best we can!