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The General Election is not responsive

from Dadslife

Hopefully a relatively funny, truthful and probably borderline sarcastic take on life as a dad.


What Greater Gift than the Love of a Cat?

from Creature Clinic

Twitter: @creatureclinic

My sometimes informative, oftentimes cheeky and always slightly left of centre veterinary blog


On synthetic babies

from Gorillamums

We're a group of new mums who decided to start a blog as we found our whatsapp message thread so funny we thought others might enjoy it too!


Monday Morning Music: Wolf Alice

from therockmom

Twitter: @arockmom

Musings on music, motherhood and life as an expat mum.

Viv Groskop

Observer Food Magazine: Eating anxiety

from Viv Groskop

Twitter: @vivgroskop

Writer. Critic. Broadcaster. Stand-up comedian. Literary Editor for Red magazine. Laissez-faire parent. Loves to tweet. Hates avocados.


Tips to new parents from an OK mom

from Mommy and wine

Twitter: @corinaandwine

The Novice Dad's Diary

Downstairs…part 2

from The Novice Dad's Diary

Twitter: @JonnyDockett

Humorous scribblings from a new father, one baffled step at a time...


Can't Stop Won't Stop - Hoarding - The Documentary

from Diary of a Hoarder's Daughter

A humorous look at life from the viewpoint of the adult daughter of a hoarder trying to live in the real world.


Initial stages of training

from Auntysocial


Lotte Lane

428 Days Later

from Lotte Lane

Twitter: @mslottelane

"Your posts make me want to cry, and drink wine, and sing incessantly"