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You're so condescending – Snappy comebacks

from I should have said...

Snappy comebacks for all situations


Shit, Where's My Sleep?

from Mamalovesvino

My blogging name 'Mamalovesvino' suggests I may well be a massive boozehound. Im not....not yet anyway. This is my Mummyblog.

If Destroyed Still True

We were pretending it was a voodoo doll – 10th November 1997

from If Destroyed Still True

Twitter: @TessIDST

I'm not chucking my teenage diaries on a bonfire. I'm chucking them on the internet in all their cringe-worthy glory.


A confession: I can't speak to kids

from What Have We Done

Looking for answers to that question every parent has asked themselves -- what have we done?!

Stuff and Nothing

Irish Property Market: The Reluctant Landlords

from Stuff and Nothing

Twitter: @stuffandnothing

Blogging about life at home with my first child.

The Airing Cupboard

A few more weird search terms

from The Airing Cupboard

Twitter: @suzy_addis

Me, the husbo, the toddler, the dog. Contains unnecessary swearing.

Wife & Dietitian to pro rugby player

Seriously Healthy Pancakes (2 ingredients)

from Wife & Dietitian to pro rugby player

Twitter: @sarah_dietitian

Trials and tribulations of feeding a pro rugby player. By his dietitian wife. Lots of fab info on exercise and health nutrition.


Here's to all the 70s kids…

from Sarah Belle

Author of romantic comedy / mum lit. My blog is full of humour relating to life with kids!

Miss Enchanting

Meditation and Pregnancy...

from Miss Enchanting

Twitter: @enchantingblog

A Life, Love and hopefully a little Laughter Blog! x


Tonight Matthew I am going to be Meghan Trainor……..

from The Clothesline

Twitter: @TheClotheslines

This blogger writes about whatever pops into her head, from shopping to childcare. She generally discusses parenting though.