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Call Me Baby, I'll Bite It Off

from notaneffingfairytale

Humorous and realistic parenting blog (I know they all say that, but really, there's no fluffiness)


Blogueurs dans Paris: E-Fluent Spot 5

from Whinge Whinge Wine

Humorous take on motherhood by mum of two small ones, fuelled by Sauvignon Blanc, tea and biscuits eaten in secret.

Mouse, Moo & Me Too

#67: Moving On Out

from Mouse, Moo & Me Too

Twitter: @mousemoo_metoo

I blog about me, my two girls, and my general failings at life.


How to have the day to yourself (and truly do whatever you want): A mum's guide

from Motherhood: The Real Deal

Driven by the pure frustration (and of course amazing experience that motherhood is.


Review: Cut Out Heart Fingerprint Necklace From Hand On Heart Jewellery

from The DADventurer

Twitter: @the_dadventurer

A twenty-something bloke chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a dad to Baby L, hubby to Hay and ruler of Dax the sausage dog.


Anthropology three: world traveller

from Stitch This

Twitter: @stitch_this

knit, stitch, whatever...a founder member, Stitch is, art, quilts, time mismanagement, Parkinson's - whatever rocks up

If Destroyed Still True

Some grotesque teenage beast of a boy – 6th & 7th August 1999

from If Destroyed Still True

Twitter: @TessIDST

I'm not chucking my teenage diaries on a bonfire. I'm chucking them on the internet in all their cringe-worthy glory.

R is for Hoppit

Friday Frolics – 2nd December 2016

from R is for Hoppit

Twitter: @sillymummy88

Things my toddler says. Exploring baby & toddler language development, with stories about funny things my toddler says.

Wife, Mum, Student Bum

Review: Disney on Ice Presents Frozen at Liverpool Echo Arena!

from Wife, Mum, Student Bum

Twitter: @mardykerrie

An irreverent mix of entertaining and amusing articles on parenting, being a student and general topical comment.


#OopFiles 24: Guest Blogger Maflingo

from Absolutely Prabulous

Key-losing housework-avoiding British Asian mum on living in Malta, never having enough vodka and trying not to screw up the kids.