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eeh bah mum

Shit they don't tell you: Renovating a house

from eeh bah mum

Twitter: @eehbahmum

I'm a mum and I'm 40. I used to live in London and worked in television. I owned a Mulberry handbag that was not full of rice cakes. Now I live with my parents in Yorkshire. Please help me by reading...


The Pristine Pram

from Mummy's Writing Darling

Penwomanship, prose, poetry & paeans about pregnancy, parenthood and mental health.


Have You Thought Of Any Names Yet?

from The Confusing Diaries of a Puzzled Mummy

A lighthearted blog featuring some of the more humorous but "trying" moments of parenting


Dad dilemma – On legacy


Twitter: @escott999 is a place for dads (and mums) to read articles, exchange tips, share stories and find resources on all things parenting.


25 things I never thought I'd say as a parent

from mrsrachelokelly

Twitter: @mrsrachelokelly

Wife to Mr O, Mum, frustrated writer and coffee addict. Blogging on life, love, motherhood and everything in between.


24 Years Ago, The “Long Island Lolita” Lit The Fuse Of Modern Crime Tabloid...

from CrimeWire

Twitter: @instntcheckmate

CrimeWire is your destination for hilarious, shareable content about parenting tips, crime, social media, relationships, and online safety.

Wife & Dietitian to pro rugby player

4 minute Crispy Tortilla Pizza

from Wife & Dietitian to pro rugby player

Twitter: @sarah_dietitian

Trials and tribulations of feeding a pro rugby player. By his dietitian wife. Lots of fab info on exercise and health nutrition.


The May Menu | Flat Bean Risotto

from Fifi & Florence

Blogging to keep the baby brain at bay or a least spread a few giggles at it's expense!


Online Laughter Interview Wednesday on “Flourishing 50s”

from Midlife Cabernet

My audience is middle-aged women who would rather laugh than break something. My humorous essays about life are best enjoyed with a Cabernet

Confessions of a 'Slummy Mummy'


from Confessions of a 'Slummy Mummy'

Twitter: @emilybeatrice

Confessions of a ‘Slummy Mummy' is a (slightly erratic) lifestyle blog that lets you know you're not alone