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What happens in Birth club, stays in Birth club…

from #BadParent

A brutally honest & humorous (at times a little sweary) account of parenthood.


Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play Jungle Quest Review

from 2Boys1Mum

Twitter: @2boys1mum

Join me as our just about functioning family of 3 become 4. See how long I last with 2 boys to look after before calling in the goblin king.


Comebacks when someone calls you ugly

from I should have said...

Snappy comebacks for all situations


24 Images That Gonna Make You Say WTF

from Jokerry is the source of daily funny,humor & interesting topics.

Hex Mum

#TotallyToys – May 2016

from Hex Mum

Twitter: @Hex_Mum

Day to day life of a family with seven children aged 0-16, fun and chaos guaranteed!


Top 10 Winning Costume Videogame Cosplay Cats

from The Top 10 of Anything and Everything

Twitter: @Worlds_Top_10

My own personal opinion of what makes the top 10 of various items, images, products and just about anything and everything. It is NOT a serious poll or official list, it is just to make my readers...


Y is for Yancey the Yeti

from The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife

The often dubious, politically incorrect and mainly humorous musings of Mrs Jane Turley, Housewife Extraordinaire.


Looks like we made it

from Motherhood IRL

Stumbling through motherhood with humour, sarcasm and brutal honesty.


Things I don't have time for now I have kids

from Whinge Whinge Wine

Humorous take on motherhood by mum of two small ones, fuelled by Sauvignon Blanc, tea and biscuits eaten in secret.


Perfect or Imperfect: Mummies, You Rule

from Mummy Rules

Mothering one toddler, with one bun in the oven