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My Playlist for a Summer Getaway

from Noah & The Girls

Blog of a disorganised, perpetually tired, Mum of 3. Always late, often wearing clothes inside out, & son will have shoes on the wrong feet


30 Photos That Overflowing With WTFness

from Jokerry is the source of daily funny,humor & interesting topics.


Review: Little Kickers ‘Little Kicks' Toddler Football Classes

from The DADventurer

Twitter: @the_dadventurer

A twenty-something bloke chronicling the trials and tribulations of being a dad to Baby L, hubby to Hay and ruler of Dax the sausage dog.

Adventures of a tightwad dad

When you get pen marks off your car interior... #BritishDadStuff

from Adventures of a tightwad dad

Twitter: @neilmossey

I'm not an entrepreneur, or communist, hippy or journalist. I think I'm just a tightwad Dad.


Top 10 Things You Can Recycle Into a Garden Border

from The Top 10 of Anything and Everything

Twitter: @Worlds_Top_10

My own personal opinion of what makes the top 10 of various items, images, products and just about anything and everything. It is NOT a serious poll or official list, it is just to make my readers...


REVIEW: Little Tikes car

from Run out of Womb

Learning how to be a mama .. from scratch


Mum make up – what rubbish is in your bag?

from Motherhood: The Real Deal

Driven by the pure frustration (and of course amazing experience that motherhood is.


The joys of toddlers

from Life, kids and a glass of red

A mum's blog about life with kids, and the laughs along the way. No sugar-coating daily life, it's real and funny.


Murphy's Laws for Parents

from Creepy Ginger Kid

I've registered before, but I have an updated website now. Creepy Ginger Kid is a comedy blog and features lots of parenting issues.

Make a Long Story Short

I prefer my summers in the key of Military Operation: don't judge

from Make a Long Story Short

Twitter: @longstorytweet

The grit and glory of two small children in a very small flat, where we're all covered in baked beans or worse.