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Whats…up docs… HOLY SHIT..!

from Sam's detox n reboot

How I transformed my life from M.E. , fybromyralgia and being morbidly obese. July 2015 to March 2016. Healthy living, healthy mind.

Kas Sommers

Saucy! It's a recipe

from Kas Sommers

Twitter: @kassommers

Adventures of a slightly unconventional displaced Aussie living in England. I travel and read and eat and sing and share my stories.


I used to think that the day would never come…

from dissenting doc

medicolegal rants and opinions from lawyer -turned- medical student, lecturer, bereaved parent. relentlessly astonished by political blurb.


My Pregnancy Diary; 30 weeks!

from Lucy & The Bump

Twitter: @miller82uk

Fitness Journalist Lucy Miller, shares her pregnancy journey, revealing all the diet, beauty and fitness tips she needs for a healthy, fit pregnancy.

Nut Mums

iQ Chocolate: nut free and free from top 14 allergens

from NutMums

Twitter: @nutmums

My 2 year-old son has a severe peanut allergy. I write about all things peanut and nut allergy related, from a parent's perspective.


Review of Konfidence Baby Swimwear

from Backsnbumps

My journey through pregnancy after going through 3 major spinal operations. I want to offer support to other pregnant women.


Lucky number 8

from dancingmadlysideways

Mum, writer, and cat-lover; diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2012. This is my journey; how I remember all the things I'd forget.



from Me and my Cancer?

My blog is not about my cancer journey, it is about families coping with cancer, how to stay positive. I also share tips on diet and mind.


Type 1 Diabetes –The Sweet Promise

from Healthy Upbringing

Healthy Upbringing - A place to share the ups and downs of raising healthy family...

The Art of Nutrition

Fun Watermelon Frog

from The Art of Nutrition

Fun, healthy food presented creatively. Cars, handbags, giraffes ...