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Move over Jo Frost!!

from Our Little Girl has Cancer

A families journey through cancer

Shea Wong

No use crying over spilled ink

from Shea Wong

Twitter: @Mrssheawong

Expat, mum, wife, student, writer, advocate. Giveaways, comps, weird stories.

The Allergy Blog

Indoor air quality - a bigger problem than you may think

from The Allergy Blog

Twitter: @thehealthyhouse

The Healthy House was established in 1991 as a family business to help children and adults with allergies and chemical sensitivities.


Emotional eating – part 2

from Back2Health

Twitter: @buntymomma

Battling Chronic Fatigue while being the mother of 7 year old twins can be quite challenging. This blog charts my journey 'back to health.


An exceedingly good Easter! #betterwithcake

from Mummetamorphosis

An amusing blog about one mum's attempts to become a grown up and go from slummy to yummy before her children leave home!

Fit For Parenting

Didn't get our Primary School of Choice

from Fit For Parenting

Twitter: @seobelle

Trying to get fit and healthy and learn how to be a fit mother to 2 children boy and a girl, lots of opinions not all pc, lots of wines


The Chickenpox Vaccine … to immunise or not??

from the chatty doctor

I am a mum to two, with baby number three on the way. I also am a qualified GP and work part time in a busy urban practice. I blog about family health issues and offer medical tips and information.

Ordinary Cycling Girl

The Top Five Boroughs in England for Cycling

from Ordinary Cycling Girl

Twitter: @OrdCyclingGirl

A women's cycling blog from an ordinary girl, discovering and loving life on two wheels.

The Parent Social

15 Things You Are Likely to Hear When You Have Twins

from The Parent Social

Twitter: @TheParentSocial

TheParentSocial is aimed at mums and dads of children of all ages. It is intended to be informative, hopefully useful and a forum for others to share parenting tips and suggestions. It's all served...

bare bodycare

Giving up the ‘business'

from Bare Bodycare

Natural skincare, children, and me.