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Brilliant Garden Shed and Garage Organising Ideas (A Complete Project Guide)

from In the Shed - Your Hub of Garden Creativity

Holly E Farrell

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

from Holly E Farrell

Twitter: @Holly_E_Farrell

Gardening advice, with a bit of baking and cooking thrown in for good measure, from the author of Planting Plans for your Kitchen Garden.


Orange and Ginger Biscuits

from This Little Home

Life, Recipes & Gardening. Written by Becky, a mum of two crazy boys!

Catharine Howard's garden blog

A visit to Bury Court to see planting by Oudolf and Bradley Hole

from Catharine Howard's Garden Blog

This is the blog of a garden designer and coach who loves to write about gardening, plants and to share the inspiration of quirky things to do with design, history and the landscape.

the smallest smallholding

Autumn comfort eating – Instant Pot Butternut squash soup

from The Smallest Smallholding

Twitter: @lunalucy

A 20-something's attempted journey towards living a bit of The Good Life. Join her for freelancing, vegetables, cooking, cakes and bakes, ex-battery hens and multiple home improvement projects.

Allotment Mum

How to make kale crisps (without being a pretentious twat.)

from Alllotment Mum

Twitter: @allotmentmum

This blogger's trying to grow kids and veg and keep her head above the compost heap of life. She's blogging about the kids and Unhusband, with the odd bit of gardening advice too.

Hoe hoe grow

Parting gifts from the Garden Gods ...

from Hoe hoe grow

Twitter: @Hoehoegrow

Tales of a wayward English garden and its weary guardian ...


Rainbow Ring Doughnuts

from This Little Home

Life, Recipes & Gardening. Written by Becky, a mum of two crazy boys!



from The Daily Dibber

Adventures of a seedaholic and kitchen gardener


Autumn Equinox

from Tales From the Seed

The blog is about the threefold journeys of motherhood, organic gardening and becoming a freelance writer - and occasionally other stuff!