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The Camel excelled at water polo

from Blogging From Blackpitts

Twitter: @JamesASinclair

A collections of ramblings, drivellings and journeys in the life of a peripatetic gardener.

the smallest smallholding

Getting ready

from The Smallest Smallholding

Twitter: @lunalucy

A 20-something's attempted journey towards living a bit of The Good Life. Join her for freelancing, vegetables, cooking, cakes and bakes, ex-battery hens and multiple home improvement projects.


An Autumnal Celebration

from Welly Woman

A life in wellies. Read wellywoman's stories, tips and recipes from her garden and allotment. This blogger's a thirtysomething who lives in her wellies; no Manolo Blahniks for her.

Hoe hoe grow

Exoticising the garden

from Hoe hoe grow

Twitter: @Hoehoegrow

Tales of a wayward English garden and its weary guardian ...


(via The Travesty of Ladies Only Golf Lessons - The Feminist...

from Son of A Beekeeper

Twitter: @roberrific

This blogger's the son of a beekeeper. He writes the sweet stuff.

The Gardening Shoe

Late Summer Colour in The Thompson & Morgan Garden

from The Gardening Shoe

Passionate about gorgeous gardens and fabulous home-grown food, The Gardening Shoe started a new life on an old farm with redundant piggeries, an old barn, mud and rubble...


Decorating & Hosting a Summer Barbecue

from In the Shed - Your Hub of Garden Creativity


Quail Improvements

from Ides Garden

Mum of 6, lover of herbs, the garden and making things (both culinary and medicinal) from what I grow there. Keeper of chickens and quail.


The Rising (poem)

from Tales From the Seed

The blog is about the threefold journeys of motherhood, organic gardening and becoming a freelance writer - and occasionally other stuff!


Changes...dreams and schemes...

from totheplot&back

Twitter: @totheplotanback

A complete beginner with a new allotment plot...battles with bindweed and pigeons...with other stuff,thoughts and ramblings thrown in...