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Christmas Calm

from The Incredible Baking Gardening Mummy

Yes, the title's ironic. Snapshots of life in a family of five, with gardening and food high on the agenda.

coombe farm

from Tales from the Farmer's Wife and Mummy to Six

Twitter: @coombemill

A blog covering the funny and interesting happenings on our farm, cooking secrets and parenting posts. This blogger's a working mum and wife to farmer Nick.

Notes from an Overgrown Garden

from Notes from An Overgrown Garden

A fifty-something mother of two extracts humour from a life centred around teenagers, a garden, a house, a country life and Him Indoors.

Lucy Bellamy

from Lucy B: Female gardener

Twitter: @lucy_bellamy

Artisan Growing from The Guardian writer and Great British Bake Off-er Lucy.


from Grand design or disaster?

I have two gardens and s marriage. All in the process if restoration

Moral Fibres

from Moral Fibres

Twitter: @moralfibres

Moral Fibres is an eco blog, where sustainable living is hip, not hippie. Covering all aspects of green living, such as green parenting.


from FrenzyHouse

Twitter: @frenzy_house

I Blog about Family Life, Step Families, being a working mum and Lifestyle bits too!!


from Tales From the Seed

The blog is about the threefold journeys of motherhood, organic gardening and becoming a freelance writer - and occasionally other stuff!

Nicky at Bee and the Bluebells

from Nicky at Bee and the Bluebells

I write about children and nature and growing a green family.


from Duver Diary

An informal garden diary from the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight, including local wild flowers, garden visits and lots of floral photos.