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from Much More with Less

Moving to the country, living with less and making the most of it.

A Girl Called Jack

Warm Chickpea Salad With Bacon And Olives, 47p

from A Girl Called Jack

Twitter: @MsJackMonroe

Seaside journalist and single mum to a Small Boy, feeding them both on £10 a week budget. Occasional angry bird.


How can they call themselves Generation No Hope?

from Homemade Kids

Modern living offers convenience. Food in abundance, clothes cheap enough to use and discard. But do we need to be so wasteful? And is this really how we want to raise our children? Nicola blogs...


It Started With A Skirt… Five under £5

from Life on Vista Street

Katie is Manchester based working mum that write about her family that live on Vista Street.


dear long-neglected blog

from desert mum

Food, family, creativity, music, God stuff, trying to cling on amidst the haze of nappies and tantrums.


My Sunday Photo 08-05-2016

from Mummy on a Budget

First time Mum to a lively 2 year old. On the look out for ways to save money whilst giving my daughter the best possible start in life.


A Letter to My Saviour

from Heathen Thinking

Twitter: @danielle_meaney

I'm on a learning curve. Come along for the ride.


Tips for Making a Smallholding Profitable

from This Week In The Garden

Twitter: @PermieGardener

A permaculture blog about sustainability, growing, foraging, cooking and stashing food, keeping chickens and generally pottering about.


Halifax Cuts Interest Rate On Help to Buy ISA from 4% to 2.5%

from Cant Swing A Cat

I'm a thrifty twenty something who loves charity shops and blogs about saving money.


6 Easy Weight Loss Hacks You Can Try Today

from Lists For Life

This blog provides advice on health, fitness, mental well-being and money saving as well as general interest.