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Frugal Living


Cottage Retreatist

PPI: my experiences and successes!

from Cottage Retreatist

Twitter: @Cottage_R

Debt-busting chick with 15,000 pounds of debt to go! Frugal, shopping-savvy and always ready for some homemade chocolate cake!


Cash for Containers in Queensland by 2018

from Farewell My Manicure

It's about: Suburban Sustainability, our attempts at Self Sufficiency, DIY, raising chooks & more aiming to educate, entertain & inspire.

Don't cramp our style

Bike and scooter racks make themselves at home

from Don't Cramp Our Style

Twitter: @theannatobin

Big ideas for small spaces. A guide to living practically in a home you've outgrown.


Ants Farming Aphids & What to do About It

from Real Self Sufficiency

Providing useful articles, tips, and advice on green living, frugal living, pets, livestock, crafts, the home, food, and more


The trials and tribulations of toothbrushing

from Awesomeausterity

Parenting, crafting, baking and enjoying life with my 5 and 3 year olds - all with a money saving slant!


What to pack to cut the cost of a self-catering holiday

from Much More with Less

Moving to the country, living with less and making the most of it.


A Spanish Shepherds Pie?

from Faye's Frugal Food Blog

Twitter: @/#!/FrugalFaye

This blogger's got frugal recipe ideas and menus, frugal meal plans and shopping lists to help you use up the leftovers and maximise every penny you spend.


Family Activities & Events in and around Aylesbury in the Summer School Holiday...

from Mummy on a Budget

First time Mum to a lively 2 year old. On the look out for ways to save money whilst giving my daughter the best possible start in life.


Eats! Launch Party in Exeter

from Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies



Kitchen gadgets - my thoughts...

from Penelope's Pantry

My space to meal plan, develop new recipes and change up old favourites. Lots of baking, cooking with kids and to a budget.