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Frugal Living



Lucy's List – April (week 2)

from The Pie Patch

Lucy and I (Sophie) run a food and craft blog aimed at parents and their children. We blog about budgeting, recipes and home crafts.



from Cash Free Christmas

My blogging journey about earning enough money online to not have to use the household income to pay for Christmas.


Setting up your Blog : Free Hosting vs Paid Hosting

from The Money Shed

The Money Shed – Helping people work from home: a venture to collect and share methods that people in the UK use to work from home.

Baby Budgeting

When I #imagine2030 it is full of kindness

from Baby Budgeting

A daily blog about living well on less with under fives, inspired by Becky's experiences as a mum on a budget! Creative and inspiring ways to make and save money.

The Reading Residence

Word of the Week 17/4/15

from The Reading Residence

Twitter: @ReadingRes

Blogging about money matters, family fun and projects, thriftiness, books and more.

Huntress London

FOUND - Blogs Keeping Us in the Pink

from Huntress London

Twitter: @annielistening

Daily 2nd-hand shopping tips, fashion inspiration and upbeat style ideas.


Chicken Kiev Bake

from JibberJabberUK

Twitter: @jibberjabberuk

The random thoughts and recipes of Ness. Trying to cook a feast on a budget.


Is coffee the key to a better life?

from Pursuing Leisure

A blog about spending less in order to become financially independent, retire early, and live life outside of the 9-5.


Impartial free beauty and hair advice

from Mrs Bargain Hunter

Working mum shares tips and information on saving money every day


Aldi Summer 2015 Running Range!

from Savvy Annie

Money saving and deal sharing blog.