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Frugal Living



Apple and carrot dhaal - dairy free, soya free, CMPA weaning recipe

from Penelope's Pantry

My space to meal plan, develop new recipes and change up old favourites. Lots of baking, cooking with kids and to a budget.


Love Cake September 2015

from JibberJabberUK

Twitter: @jibberjabberuk

The random thoughts and recipes of Ness. Trying to cook a feast on a budget.


Towersey Village Festival 2015

from Mummy on a Budget

A new mummy who is on the constant look out for ways to save money and be thrifty whilst bringing up a baby!


My half marathon training – week 4

from The Two Saving Sisters

We sift the emails so you don't have to. We search the best child-related deals of the day to help you save time and more importantly, money


Ditch the takeaways- Quick and easy Meals

from Stretch your pennies

Common sense, low effort money saving tips for the savvy family

Happiness is homemade

20 Fabulous Free Fonts for Bloggers

from Happiness is homemade

Twitter: @SylviaHappiness

Food blog with lots frugal recipes with a bit of home diy and lot's of cats. Polish cuisine with Middle Eastern twist too :)


Feeding baby on holiday and BIG flood...

from Pret a Mummy

Twitter: @bargainmummy1

A blog about great buys for mums and babies from a mum who loves writing about moneysaving tips.


Making The Switch To Natural Deodorant

from Cant Swing A Cat

I'm a thrifty twenty something who loves charity shops and blogs about saving money.

Spinning Jennie

A Shrekcellent Adventure!

from Spinning Jennie

Twitter: @jenniespinning

Single Mum on a Budget


How to save money in your first year at University

from The Money Shed

The Money Shed – Helping people work from home: a venture to collect and share methods that people in the UK use to work from home.