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Frugal Living



Stopping condensation in the loft, the new windows finally go in !!!

from Paidinchickens

Twitter: @paidinchooks

Trying to live a frugal stress free life. Mother of four Wife of one.

The Reading Residence

Heat Holders Give-Away

from The Reading Residence

Twitter: @ReadingRes

Blogging about money matters, family fun and projects, thriftiness, books and more.


Minion madness

from makingtimetocreate

Making my creativity a conscious part of life instead of waiting for the opportunity to arise and sharing my forays into upcycling, sewing, craft and art.

Spinning Jennie

The Original Slane Girl

from Spinning Jennie

Twitter: @jenniespinning

Single parent on a budget


Foodie blog tour

from The Pie Patch

Lucy and I (Sophie) run a food and craft blog aimed at parents and their children. We blog about budgeting, recipes and home crafts.


Color Run Brighton 20 September 2014

from ModernBrickaBrack

Twitter: @IrishAggers

A blog about interesting people and places, mostly based in Brighton, with the odd curve ball.


Postcards from Spain {Part 1}

from The Frugality

A London-based stylist living fashionably on a budget.


Merry Berry Bread and Butter Pudding Slices

from Victorian Workhouse

Twitter: @vworkhouse

A life that's beautiful and cheap.

eco thrifty living

Now is the time to buy onions!

from Eco Thrifty Living

Twitter: @ecothrifty

A mother of two shows how to thrive on one salary and be green at the same time.

Don't cramp our style

Top tips for making the most of a weeny home

from Don't Cramp Our Style

Twitter: @theannatobin

Big ideas for small spaces. A guide to living practically in a home you've outgrown.