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Frugal Living


eco thrifty living

The end of My Year of Eco Challenges!!!

from Eco Thrifty Living

Twitter: @ecothrifty

A mother of two shows how to thrive on one salary and be green at the same time.

Mom On The Moon

Appetize With Zesty Fried Pickles

from Mom On The Moon

Twitter: @Mom_On_The_Moon


Thai Green Curry with Romanesco Cauliflower, Choi Sum and Shiitake Mushrooms

from Allotment2Kitchen-A Seasonal Veg Table

Twitter: @SeasonalShaheen

Welsh Vegan & Vegetarian Food Writer creating and cooking up culturally & ethnically diverse world wide cuisine.


Money off Merlin attractions

from Mrs Bargain Hunter

Working mum shares tips and information on saving money every day

Don't cramp our style

Turn your poky student room into a home

from Don't Cramp Our Style

Twitter: @theannatobin

Big ideas for small spaces. A guide to living practically in a home you've outgrown.


Getting £67 worth of Food Completely Free with Coupons and donating it to Chari...

from UK Couponing Mum

A Mum on a mission to save money with Coupons!


How To Save Melon & Cucumber Seeds

from This Week In The Garden

Twitter: @PermieGardener

A permaculture blog about sustainability, growing, foraging, cooking and stashing food, keeping chickens and generally pottering about.

Spinning Jennie

84 Days Until Christmas!

from Spinning Jennie

Twitter: @jenniespinning

Single parent on a budget


Are You Maximizing Your Employer's Health & Wellness Benefits?

from A Disease Called Debt

Twitter: @debtfreeoneday

A Disease Called Debt is a blog about becoming debt free. As well as being a personal journey, this site offers advice / support to others.

Aprons and Shoestrings

Best products to help out busy new mums

from Aprons and Shoestrings

Twitter: @budgetblogger1

A blog for parenting and family-living on a budget. Tips for parents on going out and staying in for fun days on a shoestring.