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Let's talk Gluten free

from Sun Temple Food

A website on natural, healthy food recipes with a Caribbean influence. Follow my travel and food journey at


Beef Teriyaki

from Eat Up Family

Filled with family friendly recipes from lots of different contributors who have families to feed. Get out of that food rut be inspired!


Winter Minestrone

from A Cook with a View

Twitter: @JudeM13

A beginner's guide to cooking of Spanish & international dishes, with detailed explanations for perfect results


An update on life with Mummy of all Trades

from Mummy of all Trades

A collection on our memories from our imperfect life in my words. Inclduing outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, baking, home & lifestlye...


Halloween Cheese Claws

from Broccoli and Rice Cakes

Inspiring vegetarian food for children. From weaning babies to walking toddlers, the blog provides recipes for intelligent and inspiring vegetarian dinners, puddings and snacks.

Monty's Monkey Cooking For Kids

15 spooktacular Halloween treat recipes for the lazy mummy

from Monty's Monkey Cooking For Kids

Twitter: @monkeycooking

Teaching 5-7 year old kids how to cook - every recipe has facts, jokes, games, stories and colouring-in for kids


Changing the world… nut by nut

from Fair Trade Living

Blog about cooking, creating and Fair Trade.


Easy steak and ale pie

from How Long Till Dinner?

A blog full of recipes, reflections, random thoughts from a working mum who has a family to feed and limited time, energy and money to do it with.


The shopping basket explained

from Shopping with attitude

Supermarket shopping suddenly became interesting


15 Gruesome Halloween Cupcake Recipes

from Mean Mother Cooker

Twitter: @mmothercooker

This mother shares recipes, cooking tales and road-tested tips to beat rising food prices.