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Humbugs and Handbags

This site has moved….

from Humbugs & Handbags

Twitter: @ceeds88

A blog for all food lovers: quick and easy recipes to try and restaurant reviews around London and Hertfordshire.

Blogging Myself Slim

On The Right Track

from Blogging Myself Slim

Twitter: @lynsparkin

An honest and frank look at my weight loss journey and problems


Back to Blogging

from Emily's Cakery

Twitter: @emily_rose100

A cookery blog full of yummy cakes, deserts and all things sweet as well as some tasty savoury recipes!

Upper Cut Cakes

Pretty pink cupcakes

from Upper Cut Cakes

These bloggers are two friends who make cakes for family and friends to improve their baking skills.


Gluten Free Peanut Butter Toblerone Cookies

from Model Cakes

Twitter: @Modelcakes

I'm a fashion model living in a small town somewhere in Sussex. I can be found either baking, feeding people my baking, planning my next bake or drooling over all my favourite food blogs.

Mrs F budget working mum

egg allergy and Df soup

from Mrs F budget working mum

Normal working mum introducing dairy free to my 18 month old, cheaply and by making my own recipes.


Macky D's…Health Warning Req'd !!

from Service Please !

Twitter: @foodrinkserve

The Customer Service experience related to food, drink and service wherever we go, including coffee houses, restaurants and bars, hotels, days out and holidays, if I'm being served I'm critiquing...

Mummy blog bites

Amazing new pocket money toy!

from Mummy Blog Bites

Twitter: @mummy blog bites

Series of daily funnies and helpful tips... to lift your day, not to absorb it!!! By a Mummy of two & ex broadcast journalist, who believes laughter is definitely the best medicine in life!


Nick nacks at mum and dads

from Never Ending Glory

Seeing the glory in food, family, lifestyle, home and crafts


WIN WIN WIN - Competition time again folks!

from flowfood4health


Nuggets of useful information on health, nutrition, allergies, recipes and funny anecdotes.