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Smoked Vegetable Stew

from Tinned Tomatoes

Twitter: @tinnedtoms

Jacqueline's blog is bursting with recipes for children, inspired by the meals she cooks for her son Cooper.

Cakes By Chichi

American Style Cinnamon Pancakes with Maple Syrup

from Cakes By Chichi

Twitter: @cakesbychichi

Cakes by Chichi is a place to share recipes I personally developed, other recipes and photos of foods I have made.


Free Food Or Syns?

from Lose Weight And Gain Health

A food lovers attempts to lose weight and eat healthily

honest mum 1

No Bake Chocolate and Coconut Protein Bars

from Honest Mum

Twitter: @HonestMummy

Musings of a filmmaker and mum of two!


Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Bombe #UnileverHalloween

from Casa Costello

Twitter: @CasaCostello

Its all happening in the Costello household - Kids, Cakes, Cooking, Crafts and Caravanning!

Giveaway a set of glass bowls from dotcom gift shop.


Twitter: @simplyf00d

A vegetarian kitchen with simple home cooking.

foodie quine

Mudpies and Foodie Quine Autumn Bramble Ramble

from Foodie Quine

Twitter: @foodiequine

Black Isle born and bred now living in Aberdeenshire. Foodie Quine blethers and blogs about all things food, cooking, eating out, baking, party planning, celebrity chefs, cookbooks, festivals, amd...

recipe resource

Cooking with Apples - Apple Month

from The Recipe Resource

Twitter: @Twinsplustwo

The Recipe Resource was set up to support those catering for multiple food allergies, particularly in children.


Beet Chocolate Risotto (Vegan)

from Veggie Desserts

Twitter: @veggie_desserts

I bake. With vegetables. And it's delicious.


Organic Deodorant

from Earth Conscious

Written by two mums about our work, family life, food, days out.