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Dessert Island Puddings #2 : Flan

from Fairtrade Foodie

Fairtrade activist on a quest to promote Fairtrade products and improve my cooking!


Dessert Island Puddings #2 : Flan

from Fair Trade Foodie

Twitter: @delcastilloxime

A mum's journey to improving her cooking whilst promoting trade justice!

The School Kitchen

Tomato and Mango Chicken

from The School Kitchen

Twitter: @ultrachef1

A blog about restaurant standard food on a school budget


Spicy Chick Peas Curry

from Love Food! Food, Fun and Friends

Twitter: @Love_Food_UK

With a passion for food, our recipes are designed to turn even the most avid non-cook into a homemade cooking whiz!

Silly Chefs

Scrambled Monster

from Silly Chefs

Twitter: @sillychefs

Every Saturday morning Jess and her daddy gather in the kitchen and share the cooking experience. While Jess doesn't eat a heck of a lot, she can now say words like "Galangal". Her daddy...


Tom yum goong – hot sour soup with prawns

from Racey's easy Thai cooking

Twitter: @raceywander

Thai and Thai-inspired easy recipes using everyday ingredients - learnt from my time living in Thailand

Sara's Kitchen

Pan-Fried Rainbow Trout with Black Bean and Garlic Sauce (????????)

from Sara's Kitchen

Twitter: @sjjchr

Recipes from a British-Chinese kitchen


Chicken and Bacon Bake

from Faye's Frugal Food Blog

Twitter: @/#!/FrugalFaye

This blogger's got frugal recipe ideas and menus, frugal meal plans and shopping lists to help you use up the leftovers and maximise every penny you spend.

Stir, Swirl and Spin

Steal Her Style - Kylie Minogue

from Stir, Swirl and Spin

Twitter: @theclothestree

Join me as I stir, swirl and spin through life trying to be the perfect woman/mum/entrepreneur/writer/PR consultant - all at the same time.



from Not Just For Rabbits

Taking inspiration from what's in season, this blog hopes to help other non vegetarians who have a veggie child/friend or fancy a meet free day.