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Oh Tabitha! Where did it all go wrong?

from The Shy Erotic Writer

Twitter: @tabithaflyte

Writer, Tabitha Flyte explores erotica in a post-Mr Grey world. Hints, reviews, navel gazing and beyond.

ms geneologist

More to read on divorce in the Progressive Era

from Who Does She Think She Is?

Twitter: @whodoesshethink

A mother digs into her family history to explore feminism.


Anchovies in my pants

from Kate Williams

Twitter: @katevwilliams

Less to her than meets the eye. Kate's a writer; docs director; and campaigns co-ordinator at Mumsnet.

ariel aural

Here Again!

from Ariel Aural

This blogger's using her blog to rant and let off steam about the stuff that gets her goat - hopefully she'll save her relationships and Facebook friends that way.


Shades of Shit and superhype

from Life and Letterboxes

Read these fragments from the life of a Direct Marketing Operative aka a leaflet monkey, interspersed with current affairs, feminism, atheism and swearing.


In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've...

from The First Rule of Fat Club

Twitter: @1stRuleFatClub

Reluctant weight-loser blogs about the perils and horrors of weekly Fat Club meetings.


from Sense of Entitlement

Twitter: @AliciaJDuffy

You put a newly political woman near the internet, and here's what happens. This is an informative, argumentative blog by a mother of two who is fiercely left-wing and struggling with mental illness.


from Ladyblahblahs

Twitter: @ladyblahblahs

Musings on feminism and parenting from a mother in London.

London Feminist

from London Feminist

Twitter: @londonfeminist

A blog about all things London and feminist, from law to politics to cycling to music to cake, via the overthrow of the patriarchy.

Theatre, Poetry and Feminist Politics

from Theatre, Poetry and Feminist Politics

Twitter: @lisafparry

Blog of playwright Lisa Parry, featuring views on theatre, politics, feminism and the arts.