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Glitter season: going to festivals with kids

from Oh Dolly Dosh

A blog about raising girls and being a working parent. With some tales of adventures & some stuff about books thrown in. No princesses here.

Sexy Science

4 Attractive Stereotypes You Shouldn't Try to Conform to

from Sexy Science

Twitter: @SexyScience1

News, views and research on sex and attraction, relationships and reproduction

Be Brave and Look Up

Dear boys

from The Secret Divorcée

Twitter: @secretdivorcee

The ups and downs of a single mum who is, with one hand, tearing down one world, and with the other, building anew.


Dad no longer on leave

from Dad on Leave

Father of two. Part-time management consultant. Believer in equal parenting. On six months of paternity leave for the second time.

onesmallsherry – Text Message Scam

from A Blog by Abbie

Twitter: @onesmallsherry

A blog about life and stuff. Divorce, mental health, travel, kids and everything in between.


My piece of Prince

from Her Edit

Her Edit is an online women's magazine published every 2 months. We welcome comments on our website, pitches for articles or comment pieces.


The Mourning Protocol

from januaryhopestwocents

Twitter: @January_Hope

Former City girl who swapped her stilettos to tackle nappies, school runs and parent committee politics. Pithy musings from the front line.


Feminist Linguistics; On Powerful, Strong Women

from Renegade Feminist

An anti-neoliberal maternal feminist musing on parenting, politics and the philosophy of life.


Keep your politics out of our pants: why every woman has a right to choose

from Woman As Subject

Feminist musings on anything from domestic violence and rape culture to problematic porn and why we need to talk about wanking.


Motherhood mojo

from Taylorette Tales

Twenty-something mother trying to make sense of all things parenting.