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Is 2016 The Year Of The Feminist?

from Island Living 365

Island Living 365 is about family, lifestyle and laughs. It is also about taking a pause from our hectic everyday lives!


Judging other mothers

from Ducktations

Musings on society and motherhood from the The Different Duck pond


The post-referendum economy: unscathed, so far

from Serena Kutchinsky

I tackle modern feminism, pop culture and politics for Prospect Magazine


London Lies Beneath

from Not Writing But Blogging

Twitter: @stellduffy

Writer/director/improviser/performer Stella Duffy doing this instead of writing …

Flirtation and Tea

Why confidence in freelancing is so important

from Flirtation and Tea

Twitter: @Teaandmadness

Everything you need to know about what I think.

Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

A Horcrux Theory of Chaucerian Manuscript Transmission

from Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

Twitter: @LucyAllenFWR

Blogging about feminism, women's history, and how the past can help us understand the present.

Talented ladies Club

Seven key steps to starting your side business

from Talented Ladies Club

Twitter: @talentedladies

We share inspiration, advice and real life experiences for working, business and freelance mums.

Frost Magazine

Great Turkish food in North London – and it's cheap!

from Frost Magazine

Twitter: @Frostmag

A thinker's lifestyle magazine. We cover everything from food, fashion, travel, restaurant reviews, politics and feminism.


Teaching Consent: Is It Enough?

from themotherhub

Working, mothering, thinking, living, parenting,feminism,fashion,beauty,books..not necessarily in that order.



from 500 Days Of Sarah

My blog focuses on lifestyle, disability, mental health and cruelty free beauty - if I've got an opinion on something, I'll blog about it!