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Make Candy Trains: They Magically Disappear

from Midlife Cabernet

Humorous stories interrupted with a few poignant essays for women over the age of 50 who laugh and drink wine. We're not dead yet!


londonedit: Stay warm this A/W with a shearling Car Coat

from London Edit

#fashion #womansclothing #style #trending #thisseason

Frost Magazine

When Christmas Bells Ring by Katie Flynn Reviewed by Jan Speedie

from Frost Magazine

Twitter: @Frostmag

A thinker's lifestyle magazine. We cover everything from food, fashion, travel, restaurant reviews, politics and feminism.

Talented ladies Club

Five tips for starting a business with kids

from Talented Ladies Club

Twitter: @talentedladies

We share inspiration, advice and real life experiences for working, business and freelance mums.


Being Grateful On Thanksgiving

from DrivenWoman

Twitter: @drivenwomannetw

Motivation, inspiration and encouragement for women to deal with life's issues so they can proactively create the life they really want.


How do you tell your child that Dad has Cancer?

from Feminist Mama

Twitter: @ambitiousmamas

I blog about everyday sexism issues and political issues that affect Feminist mothers.


Brain/Brian Molko

from The White Pariah

Twitter: @Iamhazlit

I blog about mental health, borderline personality disorder, addiction, bullying and motherhood.


The two weeks that…juxtaposed the exciting against the mundane with delightful...

from cogito ergo mum

Twitter: @cogitoergomum

Thinking a little more. Doing a little less.


Good Online Booksellers for Christmas

from Anthropological Mum

Reflections on life by a part-time housewife, part-time academic and full-time mum.


Returning to normality after a hospital stay

from Ducktations

Musings on society and motherhood from the The Different Duck pond