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George Galloway: I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with Corbyn

from Serena Kutchinsky

I tackle modern feminism, pop culture and politics for Prospect Magazine

London Edit

Splash of colour

from London Edit

#fashion #womansclothing #style #trending #thisseason

Frost Magazine

Not Working by Lisa Owens Reviewed by Frances Colville

from Frost Magazine

Twitter: @Frostmag

A thinker's lifestyle magazine. We cover everything from food, fashion, travel, restaurant reviews, politics and feminism.


Banana Loaf

from Island Living 365

Island Living 365 is about family, lifestyle and laughs. It is also about taking a pause from our hectic everyday lives!

Talented ladies Club

Interview with freelancer writer Natalie Trice

from Talented Ladies Club

Twitter: @talentedladies

We share inspiration, advice and real life experiences for working, business and freelance mums.


Great Advice on PhD Supervisors

from Nearly Networked

A. 21st C woman ruminates on motherhood, feminism, technology, books, writing and culture

Jump mag

Have you ever wondered…about your teeth?

from Jump Mag For Girls

Twitter: @jumpmag

An online magazine for pre-teens. Guaranteed fluff-free.

My Elegant Gathering of White Snow

Violence Against Women, Domestic Violence and the Problem of Gender Identity...

from My Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Twitter: @TheRealSGM

A FeMNist rant about cultural femicide, misogynistic advertising and nincompoopery.


Startup: Annie Morris, Spoon Cereals

from The Early Hour

Twitter: @theearlyhour

For the early risers