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My Easy Moroccan Chickpea Salad Recipe

from Mummy Says

Twitter: @kiranchug

Mummy of two sharing milestones and meltdowns, and trying to keep the bigger picture in perspective


Client News: Blogging, Social Media and Copywriting

from TechandToast

Twitter: @bennolikes

My aim is to bring technology to those that are perhaps wary or just plain scared! If I can do it, so can you.


In celebration of discovering feminism, Caitlin Moran, and chips with curry...

from reimaginingmyreality

Feminism, idealism & life beyond the patriarchy of institutionalised religion...& in my spare time I'm a teacher & a mummyblogger.


Take Small Steps To A Big Goal

from DrivenWoman

Twitter: @drivenwomannetw

Motivation, inspiration and encouragement for women to deal with life's issues so they can proactively create the life they really want.

Man vs Pink

RECIPE: Gingerbread Death Stars

from Man vs Pink

Twitter: @ManVsPink


On starting motherhood again

from Glosswatch

Twitter: @Glosswitch

This humorous yet grumpy feminist blog explores motherhood, body image and the pressures women's magazines place us all under.


Coeliac Disease ~ Too Many Misdiagnoses And Superfluous Surgeries

from Annie Bee ~ The Buzz Of A Like-Minded Woman

Women's issues for the over 50s

What Can I Do About It?

What's the point in voting when Hilary Benn is bound to win?

from What Can I Do About It?

Twitter: @cockburn_john

The blog is about responding constructively to bad things through research, writing, sharing, donating and mobilising. "Bad things" being everything from gender and social inequality to...

Talented ladies Club

The birth of a blog – what's it like to start from scratch?

from Talented Ladies Club

Twitter: @talentedladies

We share inspiration, advice and real life experiences for working, business and freelance mums.


Day 7: What made you smile today?

from Colour Me Woman

Colour Me Woman has been created to talk about all the significant and inspirational women in our lives whom we want to share.