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Animals and flags

from Questions From A Young Boy

Listing some of my young son's more interesting questions and statements about the world around him.


Five (more) Great Children's Books from the Let's Dad! Library

from Let's Dad!

Twitter: @LetsDad

Mum's gone Let's Dad! Dadding nonsense, product reviews, Great (and not so great) Dadding Galleries and, er, more dadding nonsense...


The baby chauffeur

from Debonaire Dad

A blog about life as a house husband, his experiences raising a child with allergies, health tips, recipes, running a playgroup and lots of childrens craft.


I do like these. Might make some of my own, in fact.

from John-Paul Flintoff

If you say you want to change the world, people might think you are a bit, well... odd. But this didn't deter John-Paul Flintoff, film-maker, journalist and dad. Read his posts about Shakespeare,...


Day 366 it's the end

from Comfort In Sound

Twitter: @Daley_84

This blogger's a full time dad to two beautiful daughters who works in the fitness industry. Join him for tales of parenting, pods and more.


Christmas Presents for Children

from DaddyM

Twitter: @Minims_dad

The relationship between a daughter and her daddy.

Bubbly apples

Debenhams Discount Code

from Bubbly Apples

Twitter: @bubblyapple

A blog by a dad with a family. Random musings, interesting snippets, discount codes and reviews.

let's go make

An Aboriginal Style Painting

from Let's Go Make

Twitter: @letsgomake

A blog full of creative activities for kids to make and do. Lots of ideas, video clips and templates.


Happy Birthday to me! (Part 2)

from Consulting Eeyore

Twitter: @simonelmes

When Simon's two year old little boy discovered that Mummy was having another baby he was bound to have something to say. Follow the thought of Simon's adorable but headstrong toddler and his side...


An update!

from Stay at Home Daddy for Two

Twitter: @rezaandboys

A blog by a stay at home daddy writing about his family, working mummy and his two young boys.