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Stranger Danger

from The Fretting Father

Twitter: @fretting_father

I've just become a father. I couldn't be happier. But it is fair to admit that I am worried. It feels like I am worried about everything. This is my record of all of the fretting that comes with...


Dungeons, dragons and pretending to be Potter . . .

from Homedad

This stay-at-home dad is wrangling two toddlers while his wife is at work. This blog tracks their family life, from the mundane to the momentous.


Bibisili Review

from Bacon Rolls to Plastic Dolls

A look at life, love and family through a Daddy's eyes and a place to pose interesting questions.

Life camera book

We're on Telly!

from lifecamerabook

Twitter: @photoleafonline

Discussions and thoughts around life, photography and books, based on my life as a husband, dad and entrepreneur.


The Map

from Dad and Proud

Twitter: @SAHDandproud

He's not a writer, not a journalist. Simply a dad to two amazing children under three who blogs about things that go bump during the day and night.

Jeremy hoar

Keeping Cool

from Dad Etc

Twitter: @MisterH14

A blog about being a dad of three and a husband today. This dad's kids are beyond the nappy and toddling stage so he's thinking about what he learnt at the beginning and what he's learning about them...

Impractical dad

Skin Prick Testing

from Impractical Dad

Twitter: @impracticaldad

Father to an itchy daughter, husband to a working wife. And I will have sleep, in this life or the next.


Walkabout Wednesday – Hillheads Farm shop

from Sleepless In Newcastle

Twitter: @nosleepintoon

A bleary eyed, disabled, insomniac father's view of the world around him.


The Selfie, Self Hosted That Is

from Dad Down Under

Twitter: @daddownunder

Confessions of a stay at home dad - sometimes insightful, occasionally humourous, always honest

commando dad

D-Day: My Granddad Teddy's Experience

from Commando Dad

A fascinating blog by an ex-commando who's turned his hand to being a stay at home dad.