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Happy Birthday to me! (Part 2)

from Consulting Eeyore

Twitter: @simonelmes

When Simon's two year old little boy discovered that Mummy was having another baby he was bound to have something to say. Follow the thought of Simon's adorable but headstrong toddler and his side...


An update!

from Stay at Home Daddy for Two

Twitter: @rezaandboys

A blog by a stay at home daddy writing about his family, working mummy and his two young boys.


from The Life of Dad

Twitter: @Trampy_joe

A blog by a new dad, husband and mature student who's also a bit of a hippy.


Banned! Music and The Opening Ceremony

from Not Just Another Blog

Twitter: @Hornet75

This is a dad /music/ life/ sport blog. No two days, no two posts are the same.


Fifty Shades of Parenting

from A Little Light Work

Twitter: @Littlelightwork

It's tough being a man in a woman's world...


Are we nearly there yet?

from Mills & Boon Wannabe

The day-to-day creative journey of a stay-at-home dad writing a romance novel with his sister and wondering if he can possibly take it seriously.


Hello world!

from BlendingTime

Twitter: @BlendingTime

A stunningly visual blog from a father in love with parenting.


MADs and BiBs: why you should vote

from The Daddy Diaries

Twitter: @daddy_diaries

Parenting tips and advice, insight and reflection from a father's point of view.

Stay at Home Dad

Changing for Good

from Stay at Home Dad

Twitter: @Stayhomedad

A blog by a stay at home dad, with stories, observations and musings about looking after children.


Dad 46: The Hell of Mocks.

from Dad46

Twitter: @dad_46

A blog written by a father of twin, teens and a tween living in the provinces. He's an author, broadcaster, journalist, lawyer…..fantasist. The hormones are flying and Will is stuck in the...