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Week 27 – Mind wandering

from The Thrifty Father

I'm a father of two (soon to be three) blogging about my experiences of fatherhood. I'm also thrifty!


Abdullah Kurdi and Me

from Dads in Progress

An honest blog sharing experiences and tips for dads everywhere. We don't know what we're doing but we damn well want to learn.

alan dapre diary of a dad

Launch of the ‘Young Kelpies' range of new books. Mine included.

from Diary Of A Stay at Home Author And Dad

A blog by Alan Dapre, a playwright and children's author who's also a stay-at-home dad. He writes about his life with his fab wee daughter and how he juggles words and nappies.

Daddy's space

Lego dream house post ! Competition to win £150 voucher

from Daddy's Space

Twitter: @adaddyblogger

This blog documents a family's beautiful life and journey through parenthood. James is a daddy to Olivia, born November 2012, Harry who's one and Charlie who's two.


Baby Liv

from Daddy is a filmmaker

Twitter: @daddyfilmmaker

The journey of a new dad from behind the lens. A collection of home movies featuring our baby daughter Minnie.


First word

from mybilingualbaby

A record of my baby son's language learning in English and Greek.


Wordless Wednesday

from Dad Creek Without A Paddle

A journey into parenthood and beyond from a Dads perspective.


The Singing Dad, episode 2 of The Neverending Miracle Show

from The Neverending Miracle

Twitter: @arjantupan

A Dad-to-be shares his wonderings and experiences and muses about the Neverending Miracle that Mom-to-be has growing in her beautiful belly.


Website sacrifices traffic in the run-up to Panda

from Zagek - Daddy Blogger

Twitter: @awilliamsuk

A place where one father chronicles his families life (woman + man + baby = family). Along the way he'll be undertaking many quests.

matt baines

Garden Excursions

from Forays into Fatherhood

Twitter: @MatttBaines

My tales of being a first time father, the pitfalls, the excitement, the laughter.