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Dad no longer on leave

from Dad on Leave

Father of two. Part-time management consultant. Believer in equal parenting. On six months of paternity leave for the second time.


20 Week Scan…Did you say £2?

from Dadslife

Twitter: @samlassman

Hopefully a relatively funny, truthful and probably borderline sarcastic take on life as a dad.


Chemical swirl


Ramnblings of a therapeutic gardener on men and the essense of man.


“Meternity”, a typing mistake or just generally a mistake? I`m not so sure..


First time Dad in Northern Ireland blogging additional paternity leave and beyond!!


A Muddy Day Out At Oakwell Hall

from Notes From A Dad

Charting the journey into and through fatherhood, juggling a busy working and home life with two young sons (3 and 1)


Maybe you're in mad (A Sonnet on Love)

from PeaSouper- Being a Dad

Twitter: @AndyAgides

I write about being a father to 3 sons,as a sufferer of a severe mental health condition. Exploring how I maintain my relationship with them and the efforts to extend the relationships wherever possi...


jpflintoff: Is this your first bra or are you a petite bra type...

from John-Paul Flintoff

If you say you want to change the world, people might think you are a bit, well... odd. But this didn't deter John-Paul Flintoff, film-maker, journalist and dad. Read his posts about Shakespeare,...



from Dadication101

Twitter: @Dadication101

With 3 kids under 5 (2 girls & 1 boy), this is one man's twisted take on fatherhood, parenting, marriage, and life. This is Dadication 101.


Going back to work (after paternity).

from DadBurger

A blog about a new dad I also like burgers.


Towers, Beach life, wet feet and more Jelly fish: holiday adventures in Weymouth

from Fit2Thrive

I want my son to thrive which means chasing and achieving his dreams. Make everyday a step towards the life he wants to live.