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This began as a Facebook post…

from Man vs Baby

The battle between an innocent, helpless, wide-eyed creature... and their newborn baby.


Three and a half years of joy

from 21st Century First Time Father

Twitter: @alanneilson

I am a first time father at the age of 44. This blog is about how I deal with raising my 11 month old son, wishing I had the energy I had back in my twenties.

Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

Sweet spiced pulled pork with plum compote for Daddies tummy

from Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

Twitter: @daddy_camo

A new fresh daddy diary with all the ins outs, ups and downs of my journey into fatherhood - postings news and reviews and all the inbetween


Zeit My Geist

from adadcalledspen

Not a journalist or a writer, just a dad to two amazing children. I blog about parenting, divorce and Life. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Malta Holiday – Part 1

from Jaydeeknee

A new dad to a baby girl, trying to figure it all out as i go along...

The Novice Dad's Diary

Month of Mondays

from The Novice Dad's Diary

Twitter: @JonnyDockett

Humorous scribblings from a new father, one baffled step at a time...

Not Another Gay Dad Blog

8 things that happen when you have Irish twins

from Not Another Gay Dad Blog

Twitter: @darreningram_

A blog about life as a gay dad in London - the good the bad and everything in between.


1st Christmas

from Dad in Flip Flops

A story about becoming a father


Two weeks until d-day…

from How to train a dad

Hi, I am a soon to be father with our first child arriving soon. These are my thoughts and experiences leading up to the birth.


Little Red Fox

from Don't Let It Get You Down Syndrome

We have a child with Down's Syndrome. We try to see the funny side of it.