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from Conmy

Join this blogger for a funny take on fatherhood and life in general.


from Tomorrow's Guide To Procrastination

Finding a voice for the blog and me ..... Eventually.

alan dapre diary of a dad

Far from perfect grammar

from Diary Of A Stay at Home Author And Dad

A blog by Alan Dapre, a playwright and children's author who's also a stay-at-home dad. He writes about his life with his fab wee daughter and how he juggles words and nappies.


Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar, Ebony – A Review

from SnuggleBubby

Twitter: @snuggle_bubby

A blog about pregnancy and being a mum by Katie, a 29 year old American expat, with occasional posts from SnuggleDaddy.


Psychostick My New Favorite Band

from That Darned Dad

Twitter: @thatdarneddad

A blog about life with my family, raising boys, cooking meals, fixing stuff and all the other duties of a stay at home dad.


One of those days…

from dadbab

Twitter: @dadbabcom

A dad's blog about bringing up our daughter, parenting, pregnancy, opinions and reviews



from SillyBeardyDaddyman

The random musings and rantings of a dad with too much time on his hands.


#29 - The special day

from Micro Dictator

Twitter: @microdictator

Micro Dictator is a funny webcomic about a toddler finding his way in the world.

kids career marriage life

Nothing to fear but fear itself (and parrots)

from Kids Career Marriage Life

Twitter: @Dadulthood

Mistake-based learnings encountered while bringing up kids in a two-career household (while trying to stay both employed and married)

This is Archie

Camping holiday! (part three)

from This is Archie

Twitter: @I_am_Lukem

This first-time dad is writing about his son, Archie, from the youngun's point of view. Tune in for toddler antics and fun.