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The Mid Life Crisis of Marcos Branza

Paris, or We're All Bloody Mad

from The Mid Life Crisis of Marcos Branza

Twitter: @marcosbranza

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man rushing headlong into the brick wall of his mid-life crisis. May contain rude words and the occasional shameful reference to tea.


Kotlety z kapusty

from Ancymonki

Twitter: @recipes___



Advent Tracker

from Daddy's Word

A dad having days out with his toddler, reviewing them, as well as food. And sharing recipes. I love to cook.

man in his pyjamas

Bloody Matthew

from Man in His Pyjamas

A man in his pyjamas writes about his life in a bid to amuse himself, his wife and you.


What a SAHD and twin boys think of fashion  #BEDN 

from Misterdoctorbeckymark2

SAHD of ex prem twin boys. Blogging about being the trials & tribulations of being a SAHD & voicing my opinions on anything I find important


Four things kids do which really annoy you

from Goodbye, Pert Breasts: The Diary of a Newborn Dad

What started out as a 'dad's eye' view of pregnancy has since snowballed into my random, award-winning whitterings.

Diary of the Dad

Win £1500 worth of prizes with Halfords!

from Diary of the Dad

Twitter: @DiaryOfTheDad

My name's Tom and I'm a proud dad. Here are my bewildered musings about life in general and the little lives I find myself responsible for.

Dawn of the Dad

The Amateur-ville Horror

from Dawn Of The Dad

This dad's writing about bringing up his first child Isabelle (Iz for short!). Tune in for tales of being dad and growing up.


Placki marchewkowe

from Ancymonki

Twitter: @recipes___



Tantrums and tears

from Me and Fatherhood

Follow the child psychologist DaddyCool on his journey from man without a care to fully fledged father.