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#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Arrives

from OneDad3Girls

Twitter: @OneDad3Girls

The tales of our young family including stories, recipes, photos and reviews.

Slouching Towards Thatcham

Silent Sunday 21/9/14

from Slouching towards Thatcham

Twitter: @thatchamdad

Tales from the front-line of fatherhood, with a little bit of nostalgia (and other random stuff) thrown in for good measure.


The perfect gift for toddlers and Coldplay fans alike

from Dadhacks

Twitter: @dadhacks

Advice and ideas for dads (and mums). Perfect if you like being a parent, but wish it were easier. And more fun.


Health in the City: Are you Breast Aware?

from Sympathy Pains @London Mums

A first time father's lighthearted tongue-in-cheek journey through pregnancy and beyond

Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

Passing Away – Waving Goodbye To My Grandmother

from Diary Of A Tattooed Dad - Daddycamo

Twitter: @daddy_camo

A new fresh daddy diary with all the ins outs, ups and downs of my journey into fatherhood - postings news and reviews and all the inbetween


Summer is over

from Dad Creek Without A Paddle

A journey into parenthood and beyond from a Dads perspective.


BBC You Jimmy

from Yer Know The Dance

Twitter: @YKTD1

Satirical social comment. Digging until they find bones to not let go of and ensuring those who buried them are reminded to either repent or bury their bones deeper. Ex-lads, wondering, and hoping,...


An Apology (to the woman at Costa) – BlokeCalledDave Weekender

from Bloke Called Dave

I'm a full-time daddy, a house husband and children's author of series fiction for Disney, Sony, Penguin and Hodder Headline.


LOOM BANDS TOILET SEAT - the latest act of art from our Friday Night Gallery of...

from Dad Lessons For My Kids

I'm passing on everything I think and know to my kids. Here. One post at a time.

The Misadventures of an adoptive dad

Snakes & Ladders

from The Misadventures of an adoptive dad

Twitter: @Nadjasmit

An account of the everyday occurrences in a serial adoptive father's life.