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Fears and Phobias in Children

from Life is Like A Blog of Chocolate

This US blogger writes about parenting, spirituality and her life as a mum to boys. She's a child and parenting researcher, a former paediatric nurse, and nursing professor.

Me and My Zachary

"Mother, I know it's you....."

from Me And My Zachary....

Twitter: @FionaAnnBennett

This blogger's writing about her two children - her eldest is at boarding school so she's living with her son Zachary and their two ex-racing greyhounds. Read on for more about autism, dogs and being...

city girl by the beach

The Family are coming Beverley Hill Billies Style

from A City Girl by the Beach

Follow the musings of a city girl who relocated to the beach in Camber Sands, in East Sussex...


The Gallery…sky

from Chez Spud

Twitter: @spudballoo

A blog by the mother of two small boys who's interested in parenting, photography and crochet. This blogger lives in the country - take a peek at the huge restoration project of her new home.

a year in lancashire


from A Year in Lancashire

Katie's a blogger who's busy relocating her family to rural Lancashire on a whim after 10 years in London. How will they cope?


Planet Little People at....Pontins! Mini breaks explored....Ps

from Planet Little People

As a mum to three children, 2 of them under 4 years, theres always a lot to talk about yet its not just about parenting, but life too. She's only been blogging for a while but finding it quite addic...


Brighton hobby 14: Soul choir

from Brighton Hobby Project

Twitter: @brightonhobby

This blogger's a writer on a mission to try fifty-two different weird and wonderful Brighton hobbies in fifty-two weeks. Can she do it?


Posting Buttons

from Mummykins

Twitter: @mummykins82

A mother and former teacher turns her hand to living green and knitting.


New Blog Challenge Starting September!!

from Boy Oh Boy

Twitter: @emmaleehughes84

This blogger's a twentysomething, photography-loving, blogging, stay-at-home mum with two children and five years of marriage under her belt so far!


“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.”

from Bugbear

Twitter: @bugbearblog

The tall tales of a dad, his girlfriend Bear and his toddler daughter (Bug). It was only when he started blogging that he put the two together.