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Family life


Mish Mash Mum

Moving Home

from Mish Mash Mum

Twitter: @mishmashmum

Blog by a mum of two who fell pregnant just when she'd got her life on track. Then her childminder dropped out and she discovered she had an underactive thyroid. Follow this articulate, thoughtful,...


Am I too old, or just unfit...

from AmsterdaMummy

Twitter: @AmsterdaMummy

A blog by an English Mum in Amsterdam who makes pots of tea wherever she goes on her bike...


Should children be seen and not heard?

from Henley Mum

A blog about the art of parenting by a mum of two teenagers living in Henley. After nearly fifteen years of parenting, this mum knows a thing or two about bringing up children and wants to share her...


Unprepared but Ready

from Love and Enterprise

This blogger's a mother and journalist who's trying to get unstuck. She's looking for joy, meaning, purpose, fun ... and a way to get her spark back.


from Me, My Two and Wine

Observations of life and glimpses into the head of a mother, friend, child minder, ex-wife, lover and more.....


Planning Ahead - School Holidays

from Pride and Penny Thrift

Twitter: @LizzyBethJane

A blog about one mum, two toddlers and a husband. Follow their trials and tribulations as they try to keep up with the Jones's on a very limited budget!


Summer time and the living is easy...

from Mum on The Run from The School Run

A blog about what happens when kids fall out, parents intervene, the kids make up but the parents don't. What do you do when bullying breaks out in the playground, but it's the parents doing the...


The Game of the Name

from Muesli Mountain Mama

A meander through the musings of a mountain top mum who's living up a steep hill in Brighton (Muesli Mountain to the locals), kid wrangling, writing, and semaphoring passing satellites and carrier...

Cheryl Anne Ferguson

Home is where the Heart is

from Number Five

A blog about anything and everything, from breastfeeding to daily trials and life-changing experiences.


And back to Britain's favourite discussion: The Weather

from Another London Mummy

Twitter: @miekasmiles

A blog by a London mummy who has recently moved to the country, which covers the challenges of relocating away from the lights of London. May contain reviews, recipes and some humour.