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C.O.F.F.E.E - is SO for me!

from Pants with Names

Twitter: @pantswithnames

Immerse yourself in the mayhem of this funny, loud blog by a one-time expat in Bosnia, now mum to three small boys in the UK.


mummyguilt: Bring on the sun!!!

from Mummy guilt

A rather humorous view on life from a slightly jaded mother of two!!

Wallpaper Woman

Virtual one night stand anyone?

from Wallpaper Woman

Twitter: @wallpaperwoman

What it feels like to be a woman over 50 who once had it all but now the world thinks she's just had it...


We Have A Winner For Our Wet Bag Competition!!!

from A Working Mum

Twitter: @JMBTompson

The trials and tribulations of a working mum.

House of Twins

Not the One Born Every Minute liveblog

from House of Twins 2.0

Twitter: @houseoftwins

Girl meets boy, boy & girl fall in love, get married, get pregnant, panic, have twin girls, cry lots, smile lots, muddle along together, become a crack parenting team, girl writes about it.


Familiar Favourites

from Serve the Kids First

Twitter: @angelaaffinita

Eating out with half-portions and highchairs. Tips on how to make the most of family dining and reviews of the most child-friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) places.


Sausage fingers

from livingabroadmum

This website is a mirror of my life as a mother living in a foreign country; memories,escapades,fun moments,highlights and challenges of life far away from home.

Entertaining Izzy

Happy Birthday Izzy!

from Entertaining Izzy

Twitter: @entertainizzy

Making the most of life with my toddler; finding a balance between mummy-me & grown up-me!

no price tags

Free sport = very tired children

from No Price Tags

Reviewing free events and activities in and around Kent

Survive separation


from Survive Separation

All the advice and links from Olgaga's Mumsnet posts on separation, divorce, arrangements for children and child maintenance issues.