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Nelfie – The Cheeky Tech Start-Up With A Heart.

from TechandToast

Twitter: @bennolikes

My aim is to bring technology to those that are perhaps wary or just plain scared! If I can do it, so can you.



from Never the same 2 days running

Living and loving the home educating family life in West Yorkshire

Gary's Garbled Gabblings

The hypocrisy of the great "betrayal"

from Gary's Garbled Gabblings

Twitter: @garymarkfuller

Engaging in the odd rant, or pondering the state of the world from my point of view... not to be confused with the opinions of any company.


Taking the mystery out of assessments: ACE

from speechbloguk

Twitter: @Speechbloguk

Two British speech and language therapists blogging about all things speech and language

Tutor fair

BBC Radio 4 & the Tutorfair Foundation

from Tutorfair

Twitter: @Tutorfair

Education tips and resources for parents from the one-for-one tutoring marketplace.

Andrew Adonis

Don't lead Britain out of Europe, Andrew Adonis warns Nick Clegg

from Andrew Adonis

Twitter: @Andrew_Adonis

As a minister under Tony Blair, Lord Adonis dreamed up city academy schools and the Teach First programme. Now the Labour peer's a reformer, author and political adviser.


How to breathe life in your child's dreams

from Pinnaclelearningcentre


Fancy a Holiday?

from Making Clay

Writing in a purple shed, discussing education, home -ed, politics and being me.

A Very Busy Mother

Dementia Friends

from A Very Busy Mother

Twitter: @verybusymother

My little space to write about my life as a busy mother of five, changing career and heading towards my 40th birthday.


Classes are on

from Bilingual3mama

Blogging about raising bilingual kids to monolingual parents and mixed race issues, I.e hair care