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from Minus2909

The focus is supposed to be on education otherwise than at school and herbalism, but it tends to meander a lot.

Life of Mummy

Baked figs, Greek yoghurt and raw honey

from Life of Mummy

Twitter: @life_of_mummy

Life in a large, home educating family. A mum who likes to run (after six pregnancies) and grow organic fruit and veg on an allotment.


Diagnosed at 33

from Squirrel Material

Family life, craft, raising boys, learning through play.


Our Unschooling journey

from Rambling Violets

A blog about home education.

String Theory

What Do You Want From Your Ideal Travel Agent?

from String Theory

It's a blog about travel - family, places, people and community.


My First and ‘Fourmost'

from Teaching Mum

A light-hearted view of motherhood through the eyes of a very busy English Teacher.

Fostered in the 1960s and 1970s

The Harpenden years - before the fostering storm clouds gathered

from Fostered in the 1960s and 1970s

How I came to be fostered in the 1960s and 1970s - and what happened next!

World Travel Family

Where to Eat in London on Vacation

from World Travel Family

Twitter: @worldtravelfam

Travel, parenting and homeschooling blog. We were based in Australia, now in Twickenham, with 12 months of non-stop family travel in between

Expression and confession

What's it like to turn 5?

from Expression and Confession

Twitter: @megster8

The general ramblings of a working Mum of two, who just needs some 'mental space'.


The Toybox Tools: Putting Things Together

from Aidis Trust

Twitter: @AidisTrust

The Aidis Trust Blogs holds our views on Assistive Technology related subjects. It is meant to inform and encourage discussion.