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Not a frumpy mum!

School Trips, Peaky Blinders and New Shoes #LittleLoves

from Not a frumpy mum!

Twitter: @notafrumpymum

Trying to juggle being a wife, mother and teacher whilst not turning into a frumpy mum!


The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice – One Third Stories

from The B Man and the L Girl

A blog about the adventures of home education from the adult's and child's perspective. From exciting days out to maths at the kitchen table

Wife, Mum, Student Bum

Geronimo Festival - Tatton Park 2016!

from Wife, Mum, Student Bum

Twitter: @mardykerrie

An irreverent mix of entertaining and amusing articles on parenting, being a student and general topical comment.

making it up

The calming wild.

from Making It Up

Twitter: @liveotherwise

A blog full of ranting, wibbling, waffling and rambling about home education, books, technology, gadgets, social media, history and life.

Michael Rosen

Letter to me from teacher about SPaG test

from Michael Rosen

Twitter: @MichaelRosenYes

The children's poet and author Michael Rosen blogs on everything from 'grammar terrorism' in schools to the role of literature in British education.


Just say “Thank You”

from Chaos in Kent

Twitter: @theasplands

The trials, tribulations and triumphs of life in the chaotic world of Special Educational Needs in Kent.


Things to celebrate

from Redpeffer

Twitter: @redpeffer

This blog's all about teaching English as a second language and lifelong learning, from a blogger who's a teacher, adviser and mum.


Going out alone

from Girls Unschooled

Ex-teacher now sahm; home educating our two daughters. Some day in the life, some educational thoughts.

Mummy's Little Stars

Win the chance to present the Premier League Football Trophy with Barclays

from Mummy's Little Stars

Twitter: @kiddycharts

Free resources for parents; from reward charts to great crafts. We're muddling through with a glass of red, stepping on Lego every now too.


Massive List of Websites for Kids

from Kidz B Kool

Kidz B Kool is for kids and caregivers, we are a family that enjoys blogging about new trends, online gaming, YouTube, reviews & more