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The Workload Conversation by @TeacherToolkit

from Tales Behind the Classroom Door

Twitter: @wonderfrancis

Teacher, author and educational campaigner Francis welcomes you behind the classroom door with a humorous insight into teachers, pupils and parents.


Blog Post: Teacher Workload

from Hope for tomorrow

'Hope for tomorrow' is a quest for answers: Is there a future for me in teaching? Can I work in a system that conflicts with who I am?

Dancing in the Mud

Our busy week

from Dancing in the Mud

A blog detailing a home educating life with two young boys.


Flexibility and the link to Stress with our Aspergers Children

from Learning at Home

A blog about an autistic child, his mum and family learning together in the security of home


Disability and library access: Who ya gonna call?

from Aidis Trust

Twitter: @AidisTrust

The Aidis Trust Blogs holds our views on Assistive Technology related subjects. It is meant to inform and encourage discussion.


A Homemade Countdown

from Little Learning Seeds

Sharing fun, educational ideas you can do at home to support those ever-learning young minds.


Why textbooks matter

from Inside Classrooms

Teacher Lucy Crehan travels to top performing education systems and blogs about what we can learn from them.

Can I Bring Ivy?

Kids Activities Vs. Volunteering

from Can I Bring Ivy?

Twitter: @volunteersyeah

This year I'm exploring what it means to get involved and make a difference with a kid in tow. A pointless waste of energy, or an opportunity for me to continue learning despite the shackles of...


How many people do you buy for at Christmas?

from John the Toy Shop Guy

A blog about toys, life and people. I combine over 10 years of working in toys with 10 years of research in philosophy to try and understand a little about how and why kids (and adults) play with...


L'Activité Montessori du Jour : jeu de constructions

from Blog de Maman K.

A blog about Montessori education at home.