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In this post-facts world I've become post-nice

from Paolabiblog

Twitter: @Peebi

Welcome to the private club of this blogger's mind. Who needs to be published when you can be read by the discerning few?


God Is Interesting: A Mild Manifesto for Mission

from Quite Irregular

Gender, feminism and culture from a man in shabby corduroys.


Those pesky Brexit questions, still no answers 

from Liberallife

The political concerns of a single mum living on the edge of when world


‘Y' not Remain? Generation Y and the E.U Referendum

from Labour Mum

Mum-of-two blogging about and from the centre-left on politics, policy, families, women and gender. Living in the South-East.


When no means more than no

from Recognise The Spin

Writing on Feminism, UK Politics and social issues.


Attention seeking behaviour 

from Weaving a way - multi-tasking with MS

Twitter: @samclements1

A mum, a medical student and eternal optimist bogging about multitasking with MS in the Midlands.



from Yer Know The Dance

Twitter: @YKTD1

Satirical social comment. Digging until they find bones to not let go of and ensuring those who buried them are reminded to either repent or bury their bones deeper. Ex-lads, wondering, and hoping,...

dorky mum


from DorkyMum

Twitter: @dorkymum

Join Hertfordshire's DorkyMum and DorkySon as she blogs on parenting, photography and politics.


From ‘The Leopard'

from Economistadentata

Twitter: @drlangtry_girl

Econonmista, PhD student, mum, all purpose stresshead, not necessarily in that order, on good days all 4 simultaneously.


Advice on Plea: A Second Opinion

from Stoke Newington Chambers

Twitter: @stokenewington

SNC is a law blog written for real people. This blogger writes about avoiding litigation, suing and being sued. Drop in for general legal commentary and this blogger's personal opinions.