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Halloween Crafts – Mason Jar Lanterns

from Thinly Spread

Twitter: @thinlyspread

Chris's parenting blog draws on 15 years of experience as a mum to four and time as a primary teacher. She focusses firmly on family fun covering everything from days out and activities to crafts and...


Wolves, Sheep and Regulators

from Life After Debt

Twitter: @lifeafterdebts

This blogger's locked in a battle with the banks. She's documenting her ongoing fight to secure her family's financial future after discovering that her husband's business has gone bust.

Colin Kelly Blog

Cheryl = Trying Too Hard

from Colin Kelly Blog

Twitter: @colinkelly

Colin Kelly is a new dad and best known for his work as a broadcaster and journalist. He talks about gadgets and social media but life has been turned upside down by the arrival of Michael.

wonk life balance

Silicon Valley chickens and women's eggs

from Wonk Life Balance

Twitter: @wonklifebalance

This is the blog of a policy analyst who likes to combine work and family life. Have a read of all things political and cultural and what they say about gender, families and social inequality.


Parent wars

from Bristol Betty

The semi-coherent thoughts of yet another Guardian-reading middle-class mother.

Walaa Idris

Recognising Palestinians' right to statehood is small yet symbolically important

from Walaa Idris

Twitter: @WalaaIdris

A blog by a decided optimist who believes life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.


A Memory of Childhood

from Writer's cramp

Twitter: @barbaraspencerO

Children's author Barbara Spencer blogs


George Clooney took Amal Alamuddin's name? Oh please – put your torches and...

from Edinburgh Eye

Twitter: @EyeEdinburgh

Lives in Edinburgh. Two cats. Drinks tea. Also has a gamer girlfriend and a stepdog. He is confrontational and holds strong opinions. You probably won’t agree with all of them. You may even...


Tories. Tories EVERYWHERE.

from A Curious Orange

Twitter: @SamPancheri

Putting the world to rights, one tea-saturated ramble at a time.


My calm and rational response to being two days away from due date.

from Terrific.

Twitter: @eewarwoowar

Random thoughts from a currently unemployed editor about my toddler, my baby-to-be, and my frustrations with the whole entire world.