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Calm Down Dear

Money can buy you happiness: Suggesting otherwise is borderline offensive

from Calm Down Dear

This feminist blogger's writing clearly and critically about the cuts, the Coalition and what's wrong with the private sector.


Growing up in the 90s

from OhKay-DohKay

A mixed content blog featuring everything from politics, fashion, beauty and life.


Learn from nature and animals

from Changes to Childcare for Parents

Twitter: @LauraChildcare

Making sure parents are aware of a government proposal regarding the changing of Adult to Child Ratios in the Early Years sector.


2 days training as an Orchard Champion

from The Compost Bin

Twitter: @TheCompostwoman

The Compost Bin contains my musings on my life. I live in Herefordshire with my husband and daughter, we have 4 acres of land where we grow our own organic fruit and veg and make lots of cider.

Kate Belgrave

Looking for hope or leadership and finding it only in Brexit. Isn't much in...

from Kate Belgrave

Twitter: @hangbitch

Mainly a collection of interviews with people who rely on public services and who have fought as their services have been privatised and eroded.

Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Mummy, Why Don't They Like Me?

from Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Twitter: @TygerBearandMe

Life with two cubs, at least one of whom almost certainly has ASD. Anecdotes, rants & humour from a lefty leaning geek.


All about the money

from Bristol Betty

The semi-coherent thoughts of yet another Guardian-reading middle-class mother.


I Felt The Need To Write to the Chilcot Inquiry

from Robert Sharp

Everyone has a right to my opinions


“My name is Catherine. I am in desperate need.”

from Victoria Scott - journalist

I'm a journalist and I write about a wide range of topics, but my 'real' job is looking after two littluns, so parenting is a key theme.


UN Geneva: My Book(s) Launch At The IAC Conference On FGM

from Hilary Burrage

Twitter: @HilaryBurrage

She is a mum and grandma who blogs - and who also happens to be a sociologist with an enduring interest in social policy, health, education, the environment, politics and equality.