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Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

A small and pleasing discovery (possibly?) about Sir Gawain

from Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

Twitter: @LucyAllenFWR

Blogging about feminism, women's history, and how the past can help us understand the present.

My Elegant Gathering of White Snow


from My Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Twitter: @TheRealSGM

A FeMNist rant about cultural femicide, misogynistic advertising and nincompoopery.

venice mask moon

The New 3R's of Education

from Jactherat - Ephemera, Lies And Chocolate

Jactherat is a collection of musings & opinions about the world, politics, life, art, writing, foolishness and dreams, not to mention chocolate, love and desire, and bits of unexpected joy.


FGM Must Be Termed Female Genital MUTILATION In Formal Contexts

from Hilary Burrage

Twitter: @HilaryBurrage

She is a mum and grandma who blogs - and who also happens to be a sociologist with an enduring interest in social policy, health, education, the environment, politics and equality.

Living the Dream

Soap box…what soap box?

from Living the Dream

Twitter: @beyondthepast1

I am a single Mum or two boys just trying to make a difference - I have my debut novel being published on the 23 January 2014.


New Writers for Ebooks

from Writer's cramp

Twitter: @barbaraspencerO

Children's author Barbara Spencer blogs


Notes on the Weekend: Ched, Donald & Dissent

from In Permanent Opposition

A Contrarian's Polemics on Politics, Prostitution & Feminism & Notes From a Former Whore.


It's your time you're wasting; why schools should stop drowning teachers in...

from The Behaviour Guru

Twitter: @tombennett71

Tom Bennett's weekly report of the state of the media, education and philosophy. And, my friends, it is NOT ALL SUNSHINE AND FLOWERS. From Educating Essex updates, to satire and beyond.


Oh so lazy

from Ducktations

Musings on society and motherhood from the The Different Duck pond

Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Not Waving but Unravelling

from Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Twitter: @TygerBearandMe

Life with two cubs, at least one of whom almost certainly has ASD. Anecdotes, rants & humour from a lefty leaning geek.