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Colin Kelly Blog

Scottish Business Radio – June 2015 Audience Figures

from Colin Kelly Blog

Twitter: @colinkelly

Colin Kelly is a new dad and best known for his work as a broadcaster and journalist. He talks about gadgets and social media but life has been turned upside down by the arrival of Michael.

My Elegant Gathering of White Snow

Caitlyn Jenner makes Woman's Hour Power List

from My Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Twitter: @TheRealSGM

A FeMNist rant about cultural femicide, misogynistic advertising and nincompoopery.

Put Up With The Rain

More than words

from Put Up With Rain

Twitter: @jessikart

Musings, thoughts, music, depression, children, ferrets, wine and Ed Balls.

Jump mag

Great Women You Should Know: Joan Whittington

from Jump Mag For Girls

Twitter: @jumpmag

An online magazine for pre-teens. Guaranteed fluff-free.

Kate Belgrave

Short video: ILF closed and disabled campaigners vow to up the ante

from Kate Belgrave

Twitter: @hangbitch

Mainly a collection of interviews with people who rely on public services and who have fought as their services have been privatised and eroded.


Ordination fun with a child of one

from Ducktations

Musings on society and motherhood from the The Different Duck pond


Nozstock – Hidden Valley Festival Fun!

from Thinly Spread

Twitter: @thinlyspread

Chris's parenting blog draws on 15 years of experience as a mum to four and time as a primary teacher. She focusses firmly on family fun covering everything from days out and activities to crafts and...


“My boyfriend spends more money on his wife than he does on me. Upbeat advice,...

from Anna Blundy

Twitter: @annablundy

Anna is currently a columnist for The Economist online and formerly Moscow correspondent for The Times. She is a prolific novelist, author of the Faith Zanetti quintet, The Oligarch's Wife and a...


Floating photography.

from Phil Pickin: Snapper, scribbler and blogger.

Blogging about wildlife, the NHS and other issues I feel are important or interesting.

Karen Ingala Smith

5 UK women killed with their daughters so far this year – I am sick of hearing...

from Karen Ingala Smith

Twitter: @K_IngalaSmith

Feminism, male violence against women and children, infertility.