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Shades of Shit and superhype

from Life and Letterboxes

Read these fragments from the life of a Direct Marketing Operative aka a leaflet monkey, interspersed with current affairs, feminism, atheism and swearing.

On The Way Home

At Fenton House

from On The Way Home

This blogger's writing about her life as a British-Indonesian mum in London.


Weibo - What Do You Know About It?

from How Safe Are Social Networking Sites?

This is a useful blog full of research into children's safety on social networking sites. Liz reviews different websites in terms of how safe they are for children to use and what kind of privacy...


Why 'part-timer' isn't an insult

from Gaby Hinsliff

Twitter: @gabyhinsliff

Political journalist and commentator Gaby was a manic working mother who finally had enough of having it all. So she's trying to find a better way of working. Not yet on the breadline. But definitely...


One month down…

from Spending Experiment

A blog by consumers on strike. This family are doing their best to stop buying non-essential "stuff" for a year. But how will they manage with a 2-year old, a shopaholic and a hoarding...


KIT day 2...

from Teetering to The Brink of Insanity and Back again...

Twitter: @froggle83

A blog that's keeping this solicitor and recent unexpected mother sane. Take a tour through the journey of her mind...


from Sense of Entitlement

Twitter: @AliciaJDuffy

You put a newly political woman near the internet, and here's what happens. This is an informative, argumentative blog by a mother of two who is fiercely left-wing and struggling with mental illness.


Morgan Kelly-Remember him?

from Mumenomics

Twitter: @mumenomics

A blog about economics by a mum of three who's a breadwinner and amateur economist with a home in Negative Equity.


Memories of childhood toys

from Future Writer Extraordinaire

Twitter: @MrsKwazii

Mrs Kwazii is a woman with two daughters and opinions on...everything. Drop by for a natter.


Day 1, week 1

from Life Navy Blue

It's not easy juggling two kids and a job when your husband's been deployed with the armed services.