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Why 'part-timer' isn't an insult

from Gaby Hinsliff

Twitter: @gabyhinsliff

Political journalist and commentator Gaby was a manic working mother who finally had enough of having it all. So she's trying to find a better way of working. Not yet on the breadline. But definitely...


One month down…

from Spending Experiment

A blog by consumers on strike. This family are doing their best to stop buying non-essential "stuff" for a year. But how will they manage with a 2-year old, a shopaholic and a hoarding...


KIT day 2...

from Teetering to The Brink of Insanity and Back again...

Twitter: @froggle83

A blog that's keeping this solicitor and recent unexpected mother sane. Take a tour through the journey of her mind...


from Sense of Entitlement

Twitter: @AliciaJDuffy

You put a newly political woman near the internet, and here's what happens. This is an informative, argumentative blog by a mother of two who is fiercely left-wing and struggling with mental illness.


Morgan Kelly-Remember him?

from Mumenomics

Twitter: @mumenomics

A blog about economics by a mum of three who's a breadwinner and amateur economist with a home in Negative Equity.


The Zen of Being a Football Mum

from The Goddess of Small Things

Twitter: @RuthieGledhill

Times religion writer Ruth reflects on life as a working mum, parent of a chorister, breeder of Ragdoll cats, photographer of flowers and as a singer and guitar player.


Memories of childhood toys

from Future Writer Extraordinaire

Twitter: @MrsKwazii

Mrs Kwazii is a woman with two daughters and opinions on...everything. Drop by for a natter.


Day 1, week 1

from Life Navy Blue

It's not easy juggling two kids and a job when your husband's been deployed with the armed services.


Feelin' hot hot hot!

from Life and Times of a Modern Mummy

Twitter: @Lexxity

Tune in to this modern mummy's blog to read about life with her two small boys and find out just how many prams it takes to make a pramaholic.

pat mcfadden mp


from Pat McFadden's blog

Twitter: @patmcfaddenmp

A blog by Labour MP Pat McFadden about his constituency, his life as an MP and sometimes his life as a dad.