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"Kitchen Counterspace Solution" Reveal...

from The Economista

Twitter: @theeconomista21

This blogger's writing about mumpreneurs and seeking out the positives that can come out of this recession. She's a new mother, a new blogger and she's trying to turn around the doom and gloom that's...


Why are some people moaners?

from Leadership in Practice

Twitter: @AliRichards15

News and views on the world of leadership and management. Comment and critique of things that amuse me and grab my attention.


A Culture of Secrecy?

from Heart of the Matter

Thoughts about issues in the world that she feels can't be ignored.


The House on Mill Street - A Short Story

from The Adventures of the Henwife

Twitter: @henrietta76

Provocative thoughts on family life and the current affairs from the Henwife.


Anchovies in my pants

from Kate Williams

Twitter: @katevwilliams

Less to her than meets the eye. Kate's a writer; docs director; and campaigns co-ordinator at Mumsnet.

Tales of Cant

Media Frenzy over female MP, masks the real issues facing British Women.

from Tales of Cant

Twitter: @DeniseTurner

A humorous look at living in the sticks, contemporary life, travel, culture, cats and learning to ride a horse.

putney pond life

Body language

from Putney Pond Life

How do you survive when you no longer have a career to tell you: a) you exist b) you have a place, c) you are doing well? These are the observations, hopes and fears of a full-time mum still coming...

frothers too many cuts

from Too Many Cuts

Twitter: @TMC_frothers

This blog's written by the #Frothers, a group of ordinary people who believe there are too many cuts in all the wrong places. Join them if you've had enough of the ConDems demolishing the welfare...


Shades of Shit and superhype

from Life and Letterboxes

Read these fragments from the life of a Direct Marketing Operative aka a leaflet monkey, interspersed with current affairs, feminism, atheism and swearing.

Multicultural Mom

If Genghis did tiaras...

from Multicultural Mom

For a brown skinned Mom with two mixed race children, life in Britain's hinterland can be complicated.