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Current Affairs and Politics



Taking Thrift to New Depths

from Diana's Blog - Glorious Confusion

A blog about North London, politics and human rights.


Syrian Refugee Support Game – Tickets on sale now

from Jali05

elected councillor for The Lane ward in Southwark. She is the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee for Education and Children's Services for the



from Lulu Stardust

Sleep-deprived musings and frustrations on motherhood, identity and the politics of parenting


Don't Look Now

from Wife in the North

Twitter: @judithoreilly

This blog is so old its roots are showing - Wife in the North is credited with kicking off mummy blogging in the UK. Went viral. Became a bestselling book. Wifey is still in the building.

Gary's Garbled Gabblings

#Timetotalk Day 2016

from Gary's Garbled Gabblings

Twitter: @garymarkfuller

Engaging in the odd rant, or pondering the state of the world from my point of view... not to be confused with the opinions of any company.

elle seymour

The day double agent Eddie Chapman handed himself in at a Littleport farm

from Ellee Seymour

Twitter: @elleeseymour

Elle writes about news and political issues, from healthcare and adoption reforms to missing people, SEN and social media.


#RealHomeEd Day

from The Scarf Lady Chronicles

Lifestyle : parenting, home educating, political, home decorating, poetry

crew cut and newt

Goodbye world!

from Crewcut and Newt

Twitter: @hill_wheeler

Before her son, this mother subscribed to the school of nurture, not nature. Experience has changed her mind. She asks: Whatever happened to boy power?


The candidate who came down with a cold

from JohnAllman.UK

Personal opinion blog.


Is there a 3rd royal baby on the way?

from A Royal Baby

Twitter: @TickledTiger

Information about royal births past, present and future: a mix of history and news.