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Andrew Adonis

The Thames is both an asset and a liability – due to the lack of East London...

from Andrew Adonis

Twitter: @Andrew_Adonis

As a minister under Tony Blair, Lord Adonis dreamed up city academy schools and the Teach First programme. Now the Labour peer's a reformer, author and political adviser.

Eccentric Seal

Travels with my Toddler Part 1: Glasgow to Colchester via London by public...

from Eccentric Seal

A working class, socialist mum living in Glasgow writes about her life and draws wider political conclusions where she can.

westy writes

Bunting for Zero Waste Week

from Westy Writes

Twitter: @westywrites

I write about issues that interest me - currently blogging about giving up the supermarket for 28 days. General theme of my blog is 'making a difference'


Accidental Saint: The Passion Of Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber (All Together Podcast)

from What's New World !?

Latest News,Events,Opinion,Viral,Tips,Pictures and Much More.


Getting From A To B: Vehicles You Can Drive Without A Licence

from Tit-Bits

Tit-bits, noun; small & particularly interesting items of gossip or information. News, views, trending stories, entertainment & lifestyle.


The human face of the migrants we choose to dehumanise.

from At The Heart of The Opinion

Twitter: @clairerandall

Reflections, conjectures and judgements on the news of the day.

Adventures of a Cloth Bum Mum

Dairy Free Creamy Leek & Potato Soup

from Adventures of A Cloth Bum Mum

Twitter: @daisyclothbum

This first time mum has decided to use cloth nappies for her little boy. She blogs about this and other ecoparenting options.


A new phobia for UKIP .. Humanphobia 

from Liberallife

The political concerns of a single mum living on the edge of when world

New Friends Better Friends

in the weeds

from New Friends, Better Friends

Twitter: @hebeindc

Meet a British girl in Washington, D.C. who's blogging about the 2012 election and other American stuff.

Helen Wade

Scratching the glass ceiling

from Helen Wade

Twitter: @HelenWade

Television journalist morphs into over-anxious, older, mother of two. Musings on life as a bilingual chatterbox and choral conductor.