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December Update!

from Aradia's Hand

Twitter: @AradiasHand

This "Artisan Crafter" shares her work, what she's learnt, topics relevant to other crafters, artists, and entrepreneurs in general from an artistic point of view.


Number Twelve - We Are Fa-mi-ly!

from Me Plus Six

This blogger is all about crafting, creating, baking, children, husband, dogs, guinea pig, fish travels, local stuff and most of all inspiring others. She has lots to say, so tuck in.

Pressies by Pebbles

To sleep or not to sleep: that's an insomniacs question

from Pressies by Pebbles

Twitter: @pebblespressies

This blog is written by an insomniac who spends her life crafting and dreaming



from Nicky Pulls it Off

How to cheat and shortcut your way to fabulousness! Simple style and sophistication without spending a fortune or hours. Nicky will show you how to pull it off!

julian cassell

Manual tile cutters

from Julian Cassell's DIY Blog

Twitter: @JulianCassell

This blog tackles the myriad ways to improve your home, with photographic guides and recommendations for the best tools and materials.


036: Dreaming of ripples........

from Fleur Cotton

Fleur lives in Cheshire, runs, and writes a knitty knatty blog. Her house is full of yarn and muddy trainers. Read about the 'ups and downs' of her life, whichinterrupt those quiet times when it's...


Interruption to service…

from Shouty Cat Makes

Twitter: @shoutycatmakes

Upcycled Loveliness, cakes, an attempt at domestic bliss with her lovely hubby, 2 small boys and 2 crazy cats! Follow Jen on her journey to 'Make Do and Mend', entertain the smalls, feed the family...

Frankie Illustrates

Delete, Delete, Delete!

from Frankie Illustrates

Twitter: @Fran_Innis

Frankie's elder daughter has spent the last two years fighting cancer. Now that they are beginning to come out the other side, Frankie's trying to get back into drawing and painting.


My DIY 50's Wedding 11.08.2012

from Honey Bumble

A blog about being a mum of two boys and loving all things vintage and handmade. She lives in a little village in Dorset and has embarked on a new venture...


New things

from WoollyBudgie

A mum to two young boys loves knitting and crocheting. Her blog is a little glimpse into her life and makes.